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Grand Theft Auto Double Pack

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150 million PS2 units shipped worldwide 02/14/11
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PS2 celebrates 10 years in North America 10/26/10
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Views clash at Senate game hearing 03/30/06
GTA killer case clears hurdle 03/30/06
Alabama judge tosses Thompson 11/18/05
Xbox 360 backward compatibility lacking in Japan 11/16/05
GTA gets trilogized, San Andreas special edition 09/23/05
Japan considering self-imposed game regulation 06/27/05
History of Grand Theft Auto 11/01/04
The History of Grand Theft Auto 11/01/04
Vice City lawsuit switcheroo 01/26/04
Lieberman denounces Grand Theft Auto 01/26/04
Vice City incites Miami ordinance proposal 01/15/04
UK GTA lawsuit refuted 12/19/03
Rough day for Take-Two 12/18/03
Take-Two self-censoring Vice City 12/09/03
Xbox GTA Double Pack dated for Europe 12/08/03
Grand Theft Auto Double Pack Video Review 11/06/03
Grand Theft Auto Double Pack Review: 9.6 / 10 11/04/03
GTA Double Pack ships for Xbox 11/04/03
Grand Theft Auto Double Pack Impressions: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10/24/03
Xbox Grand Theft Auto to feature DIY radio 10/13/03
Two lawsuits target GTA publisher 09/08/03
GTA III and Vice City pack confirmed for PS2 and Xbox 09/03/03
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Walkthrough 11/16/02
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Trailer 2 10/17/02
Grand Theft Auto III Xbox a no-show at E3? 05/17/02
Take-Two announces Grand Theft Auto 3 for the Xbox 02/15/01