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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon


Cheat Codes

Press the Back button during the game, then enter the following codes:

A, X, B, Y, ABig Heads
X, X, Y, A, BChicken Expolsives/Bombs
X, A, Y, B, XHigh Pitched Voices
X, X, A, B, AIndividual god mode
Y, Y, B, X, ASlow Mo Mode
B, A, Y, Y, A, B, X, X, XTeam God Mode
B, A, X, Y, ATwo Dimensional Mode - when you look at the other soldiers on your team, they will be two dimensional

Contributed By: BLACKnBLUE, nado, shanghaixman, bballmaniac15, and Man of 1004 Holds.


Unlockable Charaters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
complete Special Objective in M9 Blue StormA. Galinsky
complete Special Objective in M4 Black NeedleB. Gordon
complete Special Objective in M11 Dream KnifeD. Munz
complete Special Objective in M7 Paper Angel underG. Osadze
complete Special Objective in M5 Gold MountainH. Ramirez
complete Special Objective in M3 Stone BellJ. Stone
complete Special Objective in M6 Witch FireK. Henkel
complete Special Objective in M8 Zebra StrawL. Cohen
complete Special Objective in M2 Eager SmokeN. Tunney
complete Special Objective in M10 Fever ClawS. Grey
complete Special Objective in M12 Ivory HornS. Ibrahim
complete Special Objective in M1 Iron DragonW. Jacobs

Contributed By: lilobaggins.

Unlockable Maps

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Campign once on Elite. Map MP09 Wilderness
Complete the Campign once on Recruit.Map MP07 Stronghold
Complete the Campign once on Veteran.Map MP08 Creekbed

Contributed By: lilobaggins.

Unlockable Weapons

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Special Objective in M10 Vilnius in Veteran during Mission Mode.5.56 Carbine for Susan Grey
Complete Special Objective in M8 Battlefield in a Quick Mission in Mission Mode7.62 AR for Lindy Cohen
Complete Special Objective in M1 Caves in Veteran during Mission Mode.7.62 Carbine for W. Jacobs
Complete Special Objective in M9 Swamp in Veteran during Mission Mode.7.62 Sniper for A. Galinsky
Complete Special Objective in M6 Castle in Elite during Mission Mode.A-91 for Klaus Henkel
Complete Special Objective in M5 Embassy in Recruit.AK-74 for Henry Ramirez
Complete Special Objective in M4 Village in Elite during Mission Mode.AN-94 for Buzz Gordon
Complete Special Objective in M2 Farm in recruit during Mission Mode.Bizon 9mm for Nigel Tunney
Complete Special Objective in M11 POW Camp in Elite during Mission Mode.M60 for D. Munz
Complete Special Objective in M12 Docks in Veteran during Mission Mode.M98 for Scott Ibrahim
Complete Special Objective in M7 River, in Veteran during Mission Mode.PKM for Guram Osadze
Complete Special Objective in M3 RR Bridge in Elite during a Quick Mission in Mission Mode.Silenced Sniper for Jack Stone

Contributed By: lilobaggins.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get 15 killsBronze Star
Complete M06 Castle in Firefight on Elite, using only a sniperCat and Mouse Game
Get 30 killsCongressional Medal Of Honor
Get 25 killsDistinguished Service Cross
Complete M15 Red Square in Firefight on Elite, using only a sniperDomination Game Type
Complete M13 Airbase in Firefight on Elite with a full team, and not losing a soldierHelium Mode
Complete M15 Red Square in Recon on Elite using only a sniper with the M24 and frags kitPaper Mode
Get wounded during a missionPurple Heart
Complete M05 Embassy in Firefight on Elite, using only a sniperSiege Game Type
Get 20 killsSilver Star

Contributed By: BLACKnBLUE and bballmaniac15.


Costume Change

If you wish to have a riflemen clad in the sniper suit of the color you are on follow these steps.

Select the ak-74 and accept it. Go back to the soldier selection. Scroll down to the sniper class. If you see a M24 and M9 pistol then you have done it right so far.

Accept it and ready up.

If you check anything other than Server info you will be reset with the m24.

You must repeat after every proceed.

Change the ak-74 with any gun and the sniper class with demo expert for your gun and a demo expert uniform.

Contributed By: Fatty Bears Fun Pack.

Get M98 in Support Uniform

To get the M98 in support uniform do this.

Select the M98.
Go back to the soldier select and go up 1 to the female support.
Then Ready up and PLAY!

Contributed By: XxenYcexX.