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Star Wars Starfighter: Special Edition


Cheat Codes

DIRECTORAlternate Camera Angles
SIZZLEDefault Screen
BLUENSFExperimental N-1 Fighter
HEROESHero Gallery
JARJARJar Jar Mode
PLANETSPlanet Gallery
SHIPSShip Gallery
EUROPAUnlock All
CREDITSView Credits
TEAMView Development Team
JAMESView James' Work Day
LATEAMView LucasArts development team
SIMONView Pictures of Simon
SLTEAMView Secret Level development team

Contributed By: Trickydude, gsgreg, Ryan Rider, Mike Truitt, Dude Love Fan, and Darklightr.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Earn silver medal in the Naboo Proving Grounds, The Royal Escort, Taking The Offensive, Midnight Munitions Run, Rescue On The Solleu, The Final AssaultCanyon Sprint Mission
Get gold medals on all 14 missionsCapture the Flag
Earn bronze medal in The Royal Escort, Contract Infraction, Piracy Above Lok, Taking The Offensive, The New Resistance, The Final AssaultCharm's Way Mission
Earn gold medal in all default missionsDarth Maul's Infiltrator Ship
In Canyon Sprint, beat Essara and get a gold medalGiant Hotrod
Earn gold metal in Contract Infraction, Secrets on Eos, The New ResistanceGuardian Mantis
Beat Piracy Above Lok, Valuable Goods, Eye of the Storm, The Crippling Blow, and Last Stand on Naboo with a gold medal on eachHavoc Bomber ship
Get gold medals on all 14 missionsMultiplayer Canyon Race
Beat all 14 missions on any difficultyMultiplayer mode
Beat Naboo Proving Grounds, The Royal Escort, Taking the Offensive, Midnight Munitions Run, Rescue on Solleu, and The Final Assault with gold on eachN-1 Starfighter
Earn bronze medal in all default missionsOutpost Attack Mission
Earn silver medal in all default missionsSpace Sweep Mission

Contributed By: Quentonamos and nado.