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Blood Wake


Title Screen Codes

Press in these codes at the title screen.

You will hear a sound to confirm them.

Press X, Y, White, Black, B, A, on D-Pad Left, Up, Right, DownBlood Ball
Click Right Thumb, click Left Thumb, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Black, White, on D-Pad, Up, Down, Left, Right, StartBumper Car Mode
Click Left Thumb, click Right Thumb, on the D-Pad, press Down, Left, Down, Left, B, YInvincibility
Press Black, White, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, click Right Thumb twice, and press Y, XUnlimited Ammo
Press, on D-pad, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, AUnlimited Turbo
Press X, Y, on D-Pad, press Up, Right, Left, Down, Up, Down, Left Trigger, Left Trigger, StartUnlock All Arenas
On D-Pad, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Left Trigger, B, X, X, click Right Thumb, StartUnlock All Boats
Press Y, A, X, B, click Left Thumb, click Right Thumb, Black, White, Right Trigger, Right Trigger, StartUnlock Battle Mode
Press Y, B, X, A, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, on D-Pad, Left, Right, click Left Thumb, click Right ThumbUnlock Import Boat Mode

Contributed By: Babajeni, LegoIas, feces89, ruhztee, and Dogg.

Unlockable Boats

At the Press start screen (Title Screen)

A,B, Black, White, Y, X, Click right analog stick twice, Down, Click Left analog Stick twiceUnlocks The Puffer Fish Boat
Click right analog stick, Click left analog stick, R, L, Black, White, Up, Down, L, RUnlocks the Rubber Duck

Contributed By: PaperInk08.


Unlock Basilisk

To unlock Basilisk you must:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Protection Racket level on the 'Captain' difficulty settingBasilisk

Contributed By: fireb0lt.

Unlock many features

Do the following to unlock several features.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete "A poke in the eye" level under the ensign difficultyClanbake battle mode
Complete "up and nagua" Level under the ensign diffictultyFire Shark
Complete "Ships in the night" level under the ensign difficultyGun shark
Complete "Protection racket" level under the ensign difficultyGuncat Catamaran
Complete "The gauntlet" level under the ensign difficultyHellcat Catarman
Complete "Gladiator" level under the ensign difficultyHydroplane switchblade
Complete "Assault on black moon" level under the ensign difficultyJackel
Complete "Baptism of Fire" level under the ensign difficultyKingdom come battle mode
Complete "A friend in need" level under the ensign difficultyLightning
Complete "Hurricane of fire" level under the ensign difficultyMetal massacre battle mode
Complete "Payment is due" level under the ensign difficultyPike
Complete "Fish in a barrel" level under ensign difficultySalamander
Complete "Gladiator" level under the ensign difficultySwitchblade hydroplane
Complete "Sampan surprise" level under the ensign difficultyTigershark

Contributed By: Surferdude85.