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The Simpsons: Road Rage


Button Codes

In the options menu, hold both triggers and press the following buttons:

XXXX2D Cardboard People
YYYYCars in Slow Motion
BBXBChristmas Apu
BBAADebug Mode
AAAADrive at Night
BBYADrive Nuclear Bus
BBYXDrive Red Soapbox Car
BBXAHalloween Bart
BBXYHappy New Year Krusty!
BBXXMarge's Thanksgiving Car
YYYYMore Camera Views
XXXYOverhead View
BBYYPlay as Smithers
XBYAStop Watch Mode

Contributed By: BaPinney, bigfatdan, Demon, ThePreacher, and alex cross.


New Car for Homer

Play through and complete all Missions and you get ''The Car Built for Homer'' from the episode where Danny Devito was Homer's brother and Homer designed a car for his company.

Contributed By: orlock.

Easter Eggs

Hidden Holiday Cars

Set the system date/clock to Christmas (December 25th) and you will be able to play as a Santa Apu.

Set the system date/clock to New Years Day (January 1st) and you can play as Tuxedo Krusty.

Set the system date/clock to Thanksgiving (3rd Thursday of November) and you can play as Pilgram Marge.

Set the system date/clock to Halloween (October 31st) and you can play as Frankenstein Bart.

Contributed By: Caution.


Skip missions

Skip every mission(play the mission by trying it 5 times) and then beat the tenth mission. Then you will have beaten every mission and get the car built for homer.

Contributed By: Peguin88.