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SSX Tricky


Enhancers and Unlockables

Hold down L and R and enter the cheat

X,A,Right,X,A,Down,X,A,Left,X,A,UpAnnete Board for Kaori
A,Y,Right,B,X,Down,Y,X,Left,B,A,UpCheat mode
Y,Y,Right,Y,Y,Down,A,A,Left,A,A,UpFull Stats on all boarders
A,A,Right,B,B,Down,Y,Y,Left,X,X,UpMallora Board for Elise
X,X,Right,Y,Y,Down,B,B,Left,A,A,UpSticky boards
A,A,Right,A,A,Down,A,A,Left,A,A,UpUnlock Mix Master Mike

Contributed By: Phoenix_XT.


Unlockable Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win 1 gold medal in World Circuit ModeBroli
Win 3 gold medals in World Circuit ModeJP
Win 4 gold medals in World Circuit ModeKaori
Win 8 gold medals in World Circuit ModeLuther
Win 5 gold medals in World Circuit ModeMarisol
Win 6 gold medals in World Circuit ModePsymon
Win 7 gold medals in World Circuit ModeSeeiah
Win 2 gold medals in World Circuit ModeZoe

Contributed By: AlphaX.

Unlockable Courses

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win medal in all Showoff CoursesPipedream
Win medal on Alaska race CourseUntracked

Contributed By: Dogg and someone1.

Unlockable items

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the chapters in your trick bookAlternate Costumes
Complete the World Circuit mode with a rank of "Master"Final Chrome Costume
To get a characters uberboard you have to unlock all of their tricksUberboards

Contributed By: eli0918.


Stay on Rails

In Tokyo Megaplex, when you are racing or showoff, after you are blown up through the lift jump to get up to the platform with the 2 rails. if you miss press back button to reset and you will be placed on the rail platform. If at anytime you fall from the rails, press back button quickly and you will return back on the rail. Cheap but effective

Contributed By: kylewilkie.