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Conflict: Desert Storm


Cheats unlocked

Enter at Front End screen

X, Y, left-thumbstick, right-thumbstick, left-trigger, right-triggerCheats unlocked

Contributed By: Robbie Kennedy.


Cheat Menu

(2) means press button twice :) At the main menu, press X(2), Y(2), click Left Analog-stick(2), Right Analog-stick(2), press L(2), R(2). There is no confirmation message. Start a game, then pause and enter the options screen. The "Cheats" option will be unlocked at the options menu, with "Trooper Level", "Enemy AI", and "Mission List" selections. Note: Do not set the "Trooper Level" option to "Full", as one bullet hit will take half of your life away.

Contributed By: Colinnnnn.