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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy


Cheat Codes

Enter the following as your name:

10000K10,000 gold
SJB964Black karate outfit with dual sythes
000000Constant invisibility
PURPLEConstant turbo
PEEKINConstant X-Ray vision
DELTA1Enemies shrink
ALLFULLNine keys and nine potions
1ANGELPermanent anti-Death
REFLEXPermanent reflect shot
SSHOTSPermanent super shot with crossbow
MENAGEPermanent triple shot
Egg911Play As A Chicken
ARV984Play as a guy with a mace
AYA555Play as a Japanese schoolgirl
RIZ721Play as a quarterback
RAT333Play as a Warrior rat
STG333Play as bald guy
DARTHCPlay as bald guy with black cape
GARM99Play as bald Wizard
TWN300Play as blue/orange Valkyrie with bloody scythe
BAT900Play as centurion
CEL721Play as cheerleader
GARM00Play as dark Wizard
ICE600Play as dwarf
MTN200Play as General
SKY100Play as green alien
DIB626Play as guy with a head on a staff
CSS222Play as guy with baseball bat
PNK666Play as mohawked stick figure
TAK118Play as ninja
NUD069Play as sado-masochist dwarf
STX222Play as smiley-face stick figure
CAS400Play as special Warrior
KJH105Play as stick figure with a baseball cap
SUM224Play as Summer
KAO292Play as waitress
DES700Play as Wizard in desert garb
XSPEEDRun faster
QCKSHTThrow quicker

Contributed By: Captain Doormat, WillDay, nado, Ben Zetlitz, sjk51, and Emp Keyan.