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Freaky Flyers



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ZENBUUnlock Everything

Contributed By: Starky27.


Unlock Many Characters

The following characters are unlocked by completeing all goals and finishing in first place on the corresponding level.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
At the start of Bigfoot Mountain, go to the log cabin and shoot the snowman by the porch.Andre Latoilette
Bigfoot MountainAtomic Andre
At the beginning of Coyote Canyon, fly through the town until the end, and look for a hanging platform with Cactus Rose on it. Shoot her down.Cactus Rose
The Cave of BlundersChicken Sheik
Coyote CanyonChiquita Bandita
Grave DangerHuman Baron
In Danger Island, go down the waterfall and go on the path until it forks. Go left, and shoot the big yellow snake.Island Jack
Danger IslandLt. Island Jack
BombsburgMarcel Clowns
In Thugsville, go under the bridge and shoot the box with the British Flag.Margaret Basher
On the last level in Adventure mode, beat Pilot X by destroying his robot.Pilot X
On Torpedo Run, blow up the submarine he is standing on.Professor Gutentag
Monster IsleRobo-Sammy
ThugsvilleSanitation Paulie
On Torpedo Run, blow up the submarine he is standing on.Sven 209

Contributed By: G Prime 398, nado, and surferdude509.