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Shenmue II


Shenmue Side Story

If you choose the Shots-viewer from the main screen, you can sort your photos by category, one of which is called Secret. Once you complete a page of this category, you will unlock a comic book Shenmue Side Story which is selectable by picking the gift box in the corner.

Contributed By: Hibiki.

View Shenmue on Sega Saturn Video

Beat the game, and then save it when it prompts you to. From the main menu, go to ''Shenmue Collection'' and load your newly saved game. Go to ''YS GAMES'' and the first item should be ''CLASSIFIED IMAGES.'' Press A and you will be treated to a video of the original Shenmue on the Sega Saturn.

Contributed By: Pr0crastin8r.

Easter Eggs

See Sonic & Tails art.

In the Stand Qr. in Kowloon, go to the Moon Child Bldg. Inside go to the 8th floor (orphange). Go inside the orphange and look directely across from the door (where Ren was standing during your first visit here). You should see a drawing/painting (the art) of Sonic and Tails, SEGAs most famous mascots.

Contributed By: dedge.


100 Missiles in Afterburner

Get to the third level and press Left + X. Your missile count will increase by 100.

Contributed By: ThePreacher.

Bad/Alternate Ending

To get the bad/alternate ending, you must play the game up until June 31st, 1987. At the end of this day Ryo will get into bed and it will occur. A good way to quickly get it is to keep failing the QTE at Zhangyu Barber's.

Contributed By: ThePreacher.