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Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb


(Press Start) screen codes.

Hold L + R and press UP, UP, DOWN, UP, A, X, A, B, UP, DOWN, Y, StartInvincibility and Unlimited Ammo

Contributed By: jessed75.


Extra Ammo

If you find Indy low on ammo, or out all together, just let a bad guy knock the gun from your hands, then pick it up.

Once he grabs it, kick it out of his hands and pick it up.

You will find anywhere between 2 and 6 bullets back in your gun.

Contributed By: holydiver.

Hold Extra Grenades

You can normally have only two grenades in your pack. But if you pick up a third, then jump into the water, the third grenade can be placed in your pack. This can be repeated to hold lots of grenades.

Contributed By: Phweemaggot.


Unlock the picture gallery

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all 30 artifacts throughout the game to unlock a picture gallery.Unlock the picture gallery

Contributed By: CharlesBronson.