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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance


Snake With Sunglasses

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Plant and Tanker, then go back to Tanker againSnake with sunglasses

Contributed By: Gravyator.

Unlock Raiden with orange sunglasses

To unlock raiden with orange sunglasses, beat the whole game on any difficulty on tanker-plant, then go back and beat tanker on normal. Finally, start plantation on normal.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat tanker-plant on any difficulty, then tanker on normal, then start plantation on normal.Raiden with orange sunglasses

Contributed By: TwistedClifford.

Unlockable Items

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game (Tanker-Plant) on any difficultyBlue Raiden Title Screen
Collect at least 200 dog tags on plant mission and beat the game.Blue wig (Infinite Oxygen)
Collect at least 70 dog tags in plant misson and beat the game.Brown wig (Infinite Ammo)
Collect at least 160 dog tags on plant mission and beat the game.Orange wig (Infinite Grip)
Collect at least 110 dog tags in plant mission and beat the game.Stealth camo. (Invisibility)
Collect a total of 50 dog tags in the Tanker Chapter and finish the chapter. After viewing your Clear Code you will obtain the Bandana. Save, and then load your save data to start a new game with the Bandana in your inventory.Unlock Bandana (Infinite Ammo for Tanker Chapter)
Get a total of 80 dog tags in Tanker stage, and Stealth will be unlocked for Tanker stage.Unlock Stealth for Tanker stage
Beat the game (Tanker-Plant) on any difficulty level.Unlock the Digital Camera for Tanker-Plant
Beat the game and then save. Start a new game with the saved info. Go to the Navigation Deck after you defeat Olga. Go to the place where you recieve the Thermal Goggles and you should find this weapon on the middle platform.USP Suppresser

Contributed By: savior, MGRaiden, Master Scuba, Fallen0ne, and Pegboy.

Unlockable Modes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish both the Plant and Tanker Missions on any difficulty. This works playing the Tanker and Plant seperately or playing the Tanker/Plant as one game.Boss Survival
Finish both the Plant and Tanker Missions on any difficulty. This works playing the Tanker and Plant seperately or playing the Tanker/Plant as one game.Casting Theater
Complete the game onceExtreme and European Extreme difficulty modes
Complete all of the levels in Bomb Disposal Mode, Eliminate Mode and Hold Up Mode (Alternative Missions) to unlock Photograph Mode.Unlock Photograph Mode (Snake VR Missions)

Contributed By: savior and dinobotmaximized.

Unlockable VR Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 50% of the VR Training missions with Snake to play as this character in VR mode.Iroquois Pliskin
Complete 100% Tuxedo Snake in VR and MGS1 Snake will be unlocked.MGS1 Snake
Complete 100% of Raiden's (Ninja) VR Missions.Naked Raiden
Complete 50% of the VR Missions with Raiden.Ninja Raiden
Complete all of the VR missions while playing as Raiden.Raiden X
Complete 100% of Pliskin's Missions In VR Mode.Tuxedo Snake

Contributed By: Gfk!, Fallen0ne, Setzer King of cards, JerGMS, Pegboy, and kylelarson719.

Easter Eggs

Control the Title Screen

On the title screen, press White and you should hear a gunshot and see a flash. Use the Right Analog stick to change the background color.

Contributed By: Pegboy.

Hideo Kojima Status

When inputting your name into a node or into the VR training menu, enter HIDEO KOJIMA. His personal information will automatically be inserted.

Contributed By: MGRaiden.

Internal Thoughts

When talking in the codec screen, press the Left or Right Triggers to hear Snake's or Raiden's thoughts on other characters in the game.

Contributed By: MGRaiden.

Sea Lice Rank

At the start of the Plant chapter, crawl in the big patch of Sea Lice (The big tan spot on the ground), and a Sea Lice will appear in your inventory, slowly eating your Rations. If you keep it for the duration of the game, you will get the rank of Sea Lice at the end. If you decide to get rid of it, you have to rapidly move the item menu to eventually shake it out of your inventory.

Contributed By: MarioBros91.

See picture of game creator Hideo Kojima in Tanker

In the tanker Chapter in Holds 2 where the marines are located, take a picture of the screen on the right, with the camera (not digital camera). a face will flash on the screen when you take a picture of it. When you upload the picture to otacon for his viewing, he will be scared. The picture is the face of the game creator Hideo Kojima of all the Metal Gear games.

Contributed By: dbzshinjlong.

Vulcan Raven Action Figure

In the engine room, there will be a tiny Vulcan Raven doll lying on the ground. Shoot it and he'll say something repeatedly and shoot small balls everywhere.

Contributed By: Pegboy.

Yoji Shinkawa Dogtag, Ken Ogasawra dog tag info

Ken Ogasawra dog tag info---When first playing as Raiden in the plant chapter, enter the name Ken Ogasawra into the first node. It will automatically put in all of his statistics.

Yoji Shinkawa tag info--When first playing as Raiden in the plant chapter, enter the name Yoji Shinkawa into the first node. It will automatically put in all of his statistics.

Contributed By: dbzshinjlong.


Alternate Snake Tales Endings

Complete a snake tale once and this unlocks the M9.Use the M9 to STUN bosses rather than killing them.This gains you an alternate ending.

Contributed By: robcram.

Emma's Codec Frequency

her codec frequency is 141.52 which is the same frequency as Nastasha Romanenko from Metal Gear solid 1...

1.) Call Emma a few times...
2.) Call Rose to save your game and after you save she will get all huffy about you being with another woman.

Contributed By: ferarri123.