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Dynasty Warriors 3


Main Menu Codes

At the main menu screen enter the following codes.

A tone will sound if the code was entered correctly.

L, White, Y, R, White, Black, X, YAll BGM Tracks
White, Black, X, Y, White, R, L, BlackAll Shu Kingdom Generals
X, Black, Y, White, L, R, White, WhiteUnlock Opening Movie Editor

Contributed By: Luminaria.


Unlock Very Hard Difficulty

Beat musou mode with any character on hard and a very hard difficulty setting will become available.

Contributed By: Luminaria.

Unlockable characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Musou mode with Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan successfullyFu Xi
Get over 1000 KOs on Hu Loa Gate, and defeat Lu BuLu Bu
Complete Musou mode with Sun Shang Xiang, Xiao Qiao, Da Qiao, and Zhen Ji successfullyNu Wa

Contributed By: nado.

Easter Eggs

Extra Video

Go to the Replay option at Opening edit screen and hold L and R and press A.You will now see a video of soldiers dancing.

Contributed By: dantedevil4.


Special Neutral Endings

Go to the options screen and to the Opening Menu.

At the Opening menu, hold down the top right and top left buttons and select ''Replay'' to get the Neutral ending with Diao Chan singing.

Hold down the white and black buttons and select ''Replay'' to get the Neutral ending where Zhu Rong sings.

Contributed By: Kitsune413.