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Medal of Honor: Rising Sun



Enter at password screen in the options menu. Turn cheats on and off in bonus menu.

CARDINALAchilles Head
BOXFISHAll Replay Items
WRASSEBullet Shield
PARROTInvisible Soldiers
BETTARubber Grenades
BATFISHSilver Bullet
JAWFISHUnlimited Ammo
TUSKFISHUnlocks all missions in mission menu

Contributed By: Tzeech595 and Streetfighter.


Extra missions

Do the requirement to get more missions on the level

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Kill 10 enemies at checkpoint, and disable dockBridge on the River Kwai
Help crewmen shut hatch and save them with the fire extinguisherDay of Infamy
Find the gold Buddha and picture of Japanese generalFall of the Phillipines
Blow up generator and find 5 pieces of intelMidnight Raid on Guadacanal
Shoot down 20 planes or shoot down 75 planesPearl Harbor
Take over howitzer and save Lt. HarrisonPistol Pete Showdown
Destroy radio equipment and 5 sake water barrelsSearch of Yamashita's Gold
Save 3 POWs and 3 pieces of intelSingapore Sling
Send false radio signal and 3 pieces of intelSuper Carrier Sabotage

Contributed By: nado.

Easter Eggs

Change Main Menu Views

In any main menu window press the RIGHTSTICK to change the view in the background.

Contributed By: mahie023.