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Star Wars: Obi-Wan


Password Cheats

Select 'new game' and enter the following as your name:

M1A2U3L4!?All Levels (to Darth Maul)

Contributed By: eli0918, Ben Zetlitz, and electramax.

Useful Codes

In order to activate these abilities, enter these cheats as your name.

MASTERYODAStrong Force powers

Contributed By: weirdy.


VS. Mode Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat her in Jedi Arena in main gameAdi Gallia
Beat Darth Maul in main gameBattle Royal
Beat Darth Maul in main gameDarth Maul's Arena
Beat Training Droid in Jedi Arena in main gameDepa Billaba
Beat him in Jedi Arena in main gameEeth Koth
Beat him in Jedi Arena in main gameKi-Adi Mundi
Beat him in Jedi Arena in main gameMace Windu
Beat him in Jedi Arena in main gamePlo Koon
Beat him in Jedi Arena in main gameSaesee Tiin
Beat the 2 Tatooine levels in main gameTuskan Raider's Arena

Contributed By: thotd and magical cow.


Slow Motion through an entire level

Generally, in a level, the slow motion technice only lasts for about 6 seconds. To make it last the whole level, slow time down. Then, immediatly throw your saber. Always hold the force button, and when time reverts to nomral, wait for your force to drain about a little under half way, and then slow it again. If done right, when your saber returns, and you let go of the force button, you will always be in slwo motion. To get out of this, just slow time again.

Contributed By: magical cow.