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God mode in Doom 3

During gameplay, hold LEFT TRIGGER and press X, Y, B, A to become invincible.

NOTE: This code needs to be activated EVERY LEVEL for it to work. If you "exit to" and get a new area loading screen, the god mode turns itself off.

Contributed By: Sekoku.

Level Skip

On the Objectives Screen in the PDA, hold left trigger and press BAXY

Contributed By: MasterVading.

These are for Ultimate DOOM and DOOM II in Collectors Edition

These codes can be entered any time while playing the game.
;All codes can be toggled on/off, except the All-Weapons codes, and the Computer Map code, which cannot be toggled off

hold L trigger and press a,b,a,bAll keys, all weapons, full ammo, 200% armor
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (X) 3 Times then Press (Y) 1 TimeBerserk Mode
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (A) 2 Times then Press (B) 2 TimesEnd Level
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (B) 2 Times then Press (A) 2 TimesGive Chainsaw
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (B) 4 TimesGives All Weapons and Ammo, 200% armor
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (A) 4 TimesGOD Mode (Player Invincible)
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (X) 2 Times then Press (Y) 2 TimesInvisibility
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (Y) 3 Times and (X) 1 TimeLight Amplification Goggles
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (X) 1 Time then Press (Y) 3 TimesRadiation Suit
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (Y) 4 TimesShow All Map
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (X) 4 TimesTemp Invincibility

Contributed By: BONQU and The_Pot.


Security CabinetCodes

Walk up to the security cabinet and enter these codes

396opens cabinet 001
483opens cabinet 003
752opens cabinet 009
586opens cabinet 013
347opens cabinet 017
531opens cabinet 023
409opens cabinet 038
102opens cabinet 039
123opens cabinet 047
123opens cabinet 048
123opens cabinet 049
246opens cabinet 054
142opens cabinet 054
972opens cabinet 063
651opens cabinet 064
364opens cabinet 078
364opens cabinet 079
259opens cabinet 103
579opens cabinet 104
538opens cabinet 112
715opens cabinet 114
972opens cabinet 116
624opens cabinet 117
298opens cabinet 210
371opens cabinet 213
298opens cabinet 215
624opens cabinet 216
624opens cabinet 217
298Opens cabinet 21D
841opens cabinet 317
836opens cabinet 386
836opens cabinet 387
571opens cabinet 452
372opens cabinet 666
468opens cabinet 669
931opens chief abrams office
627opens lab A (unlabled door)
516opens locker 029
826opens monorail airlock-site 2
972Opens Plasma Gun storage door
734Opens Plasma Storage Door
142opens the second 054 cabinet
624opens the second 116 cabinet
584Opens Weapons Storage 1 & 2

Contributed By: slipslayer_666, refan122, SeventhRain, Dead_to_Rights, MafiaReborn, GUndUP, spyderman6969, and KurtCobain1994.


Nightmare mode

Beat the game on any difficulty setting, When you start on Nightmare mode, you begin with the Soul Cube

Contributed By: slipslayer_666.

PDA Appendix

Each of these PDAs are found throughout Doom 3:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
AdministrationAlan E. Dorweiler/ Jonathan A. Moses/ William L. Banks/ Paul L. Simons
Alpha Labs Sector 2Andrew Chin/ Walter I. Connors
Mars Ciy UndergroundDaniel M. Young/ Grant F. Baston/ Mark B. Ryan/ Frank A. Delahue
Delta Labs Sector 3Dr. Frank Z. Cerano/ Han M. Lee/ Dr. Marten R. Shultz
Site 3-Primary ExcavationDr. Richard S. Davis/ Dr. Pierce M. Rogers/ Robert Cody
Delta Labs Sector 2BFrancis R. Erikson/ Larry A. Bullman/ Jacob L. Stemmons/ Elizabeth A. McNeil
Delta Labs Sector 4Jack Gilbert
Communications TransferJames A. Holiday/ Ron I. Ridge
Recycling Sector 2Jeffery R. Moen/ Scott P. Johnson
Alpha Labs Sector 1Kyle C. Berger/ Jack T. Smith/ Bernie Lipsitz
Alpha Labs Sector 4Larry Kaczynski/ Michael G. Abrams/ Henry Q. Nelson
Mars Cty 2Marcus C. Stanton/ Dr. Marcus T. Caseon/ Sergeant Bill Tyson/ Dunkan A. Mathews
Alpha Labs Sector 3Mark B. Lamia/ George Poota
Monorail SkybridgeNick Sadowayj/ Anthony R. Garza
EnProPaul E. Raad/ Theresa M. Chasar/ Steve L. Hammer
Mars CityPersonal PDA/ Adam E. Berneche
Delta Labs Level 2APeter N. Raleigh/ Dr. Phil W. Wilson/ Frank A. Cinders
Delta Labs Level 1Robert M. Price/ Brian Karr Mora
MonorailSamuel J. Harding/ Gary Ross/ Charles L. Hollies/ Karl P. Cullen
CommunicationsSeamus J. Blake/ Ben B. Wolfe/ Robert J. Finch
Hell-Main ProcessingSimon R. Garlick/ Elliot Swann/ Bruce L. Jackson/ Tony F. Bates/ Charlie D. Haskell/ Steve H. Tooloose

Contributed By: DoomMasterChif.

Easter Eggs

Doom reference

On the last level before you go through the portal to fight the boss. Their is a stone tablet somewhere in the last room. If you look at it you can see the picture of the original Doom cover.

Contributed By: SeventhRain.

Special PDA from the ID developers

Right at the end of the game, just before you fight the final boss, as you are walking through the underground hall with all the fire and brimstone there will be a small space in one of the corners you encounter that you can duck under and there will be a brick with the ID symbol printed on it. Press action on the brick and it will open the wall allowing you to get the PDA of the ID developers thanking you for playing the game.

Contributed By: flyguy1221.

Super Turkey Puncher 3

Go to the first level in Co-Op mode and proceed through the level until 'Command Access Junction'. There you can find two Super Turkey Puncher arcade machines made by 'Nabcon'. On the screen is the face of the original Doom Guy and also makes the same faces when you punch the turkeys. First player to 3000 points wins.

Contributed By: EvilMajinGogeta.


Hidden movie

Once you kill the first scientist who gets turned into a zombie, look at the main control panel. One of the screens right near you should be blinking red. Click on it to watch a little movie.

Contributed By: fredslayer.

Machine Gun in Underground passage.

After you get you shotgun and reach the security area, go in side and unlock the door. After the door is unlocked, on the same screen, look at the botom of the screen and click on one of the 2 choices. One should bring up the lockers, showing one is locked and the other open. Click on the one that says locked. Now head out into the elavator room and kill the imp that jumps down. Look at the lockers now, the other one is now open, allowing you to have the machine gun and more shotgun ammo. (Note: After you grab all the goodies in the locker, an imp will come out of the door you just came out of to get the goodies.)

Contributed By: fredslayer.

Two exclusive levels for xbox doom3 and Doom3 ROE

Doom3 Collector's edition and Doom3 Resurraction of Evil for xbox both have Ultimate doom and Doom2 included with it.

There are two exclusive levels created just for these 2 games..

Ultimate doom secret level - Sewers Episode 1 mission 10
This level can be accessed by going through the first episode Knee deep in the dead in the very first level.. The exit is located in the outside area with the blue armor and go against the wall using the action button and you shall exit the level into the new level..

Doom 2 New Secret Level - Betray level 33

To access this secret level, play level 2 entryway, go to the area where you find the red key card, when you get it, a room with sargents and imps will open, go kill them all and go into that little room with the imps which is on the right side, push the action while you walk around agains the wall and you shall exit the level.

Contributed By: SethJessa.