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Crash Nitro Kart


Unlock FMV Sequence

Accomplish the following tasks with either Team Bandicoot or Team Cortex to unlock their FMV in the Extras menu.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win twelve trophiesChallenging Geary
Win three trophiesChallenging Krunk
Win six trophiesChallenging Nash
Win nine trophiesChallenging Norm
Get four keysChallenging Velo
Get four keys, thirteen Relics, and one ScepterDefeat Velo with 100%
Get four keysDefeat Velo without 100%
Get four keysGeary Loses
Get one keyKrunk Loses
Get four keysLosing to Velo
Get two keysNash Loses
Get three keysNorm Loses

Contributed By: kenb215.

Unlockable Cup Tournaments

To unlock the following Cup Tournaments you must play in Story Mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 4 Blue CNK TokensBlue Gem Cup
Collect 4 Green CNK TokensGreen Gem Cup
Collect 4 Pink CNK TokensPink Gem Cup
Collect 4 Red CNK TokensRed Gem Cup

Contributed By: The Magnum Master.


Do the following to unlock these:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the Red Gem CupDingodile
In adventure mode, do 50 turbo boosts in any track, with the evil team.Fake Crash
Finish all 16 races in Adventure mode in 1st placeHyper Spaceway Arena
Beat all N. Tropy ghosts in Time Trial modeN. Tropy
Beat the Blue Gem CupPolar
In adventure mode, do 50 turbo boosts in any track, with the good team.Pura
Collect two SceptorsReal Velo
Collect all Purple tokens in Adventure modeTerra Dome Arena
Beat the Purple Gem CupZam
Beat the Green Gem CupZem

Contributed By: Gbness.