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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


Character has a 1000 exp. points

While you are playing press pause, then hold the left and right shoulder buttons. Then type the code for the character you want to increase.

Up, X, Y, AAragorn
Down, Y, Up, DownFrodo
B, Y, Up, DownGandalf
B, B, Y, AGimli
A, Y, Up, ALegolas
Y, A, Down, ASam

Contributed By: DarkLink89.

Cheats (after you beat the game)

For the following codes, first start a mission, then pause the game. Hold down L and R and then enter the following codes.

Down,Down,X,A1000 ex points for merry
Y,A,X,A1000 ex points for Pippin
X, Y, Up (on D-pad), XFaramir gains 1,000 XP
B, B, X, AMerry gain 1,000 XP
B, Down (on D-pad), Y, APerfect Mode
X, A, X, APippin gains 1,000 XP
Y, Up (on D-pad), A, ARestores Faramirs Missiles
X, B, B, YRestores Merrys Missiles
Up (on D-pad), B, B, XRestores Pippins Missiles

Contributed By: Caitsith1117 and Aragorn11206.

Co-Op Cheat

Before entering the code pause the game. Then hold down L and R and enter the following code.

B, X, Up (on D-pad), BInfinite respawns in Co-op.

Contributed By: Caitsith1117.

Co-op Code

Pause the game, then press the R and L buttons. With the buttons still pressed type in the code.

Down, A, A, AShare Experience
Y, Up, X, XShare Health

Contributed By: DarkLink89 and the mad duck.


You don't have to beat the game for these to work:

Y,up,A,Arestores Faramir's ammo
A,X,A,upunlock all actor interviews

Contributed By: bharatorot.

Game Completion Codes

**NOTE** The following codes will only work once you've completed the final level.

To enter a code:

1) Start a mission.
2) Press START to pause
3) Pull and hold L+R Triggers
4) Input the specified code sequence

UP, DOWN , Y , XAll Upgrades
Y , UP , Y , DOWNAlways Devastating
X , X , DOWN , BInfinite Missiles
X , B , X , UPInvulnerable
B , DOWN , Y , APerfect Mode
X , X , B , BRestore Health
DOWN , B , UP , XTargeting Indicator Mode

Contributed By: Virgil..

Play as Faramir or Pippin

enter while the game is paused and while holding L+R
(you don't need to beat the game to use this code)

B, X, X, AFrodo
A,A,Y,YPlay as Faramir
A, Down, Down, APlay as Merry
Y,B,X,downPlay as Pippin

Contributed By: bharatorot and XCommander.

Unlock 3-Hit Combo

Pause the game, then press the R and L buttons. With the buttons still pressed type in the code for the character you're using.

X, Down, B, UpAragorn
X, Y, Up, YFaramir
X, Down, Y, XFrodo
Down, A, Y, DownGandalf
Up, X, B, XGimli
X, Y, Y, BLegolas
Y, A, Up, YMarry
Up, Up, X, BPippin
X, A, B, XSam

Contributed By: DarkLink89.

Unlock 4-Hit Combo

Pause the game, then press the R and L buttons. With the buttons still pressed type in the code for the character you're using.

Up, X, Y, DownAragorn
A, X, Up, AFaramir
Down, X, Down, DownFrodo
Down, Y, Up, BGandalf
Y, X, Up, AGimli
A, B, Y, XLegolas
X, A, X, XMerry
A, A, Down, BPippin
Up, Down, Y, YSam

Contributed By: DarkLink89.

Unlock Skills

Pause the game, hold L + R and enter the codes

B, Y, A, YAragorn Level 2
Down, X, B, XAragorn Level 4
B, Y, X, XAragorn Level 6
Up, X, Y, UpAragorn Level 8
A, X, A, DownFaramir Level 2
A, A, X, XFaramir Level 4
Y, A, Down, BFaramir Level 6
B, Down, Down, DownFaramir Level 8
Y, Up, Down, BFrodo Level 2
Y, Up, B, DownFrodo Level 4
Down, Down, A, YFrodo Level 6
B, B, Down, DownFrodo Level 8
Down, Y, A, YGandalf Level 2
Y, Up, X, AGandalf Level 4
Y, Y, A, UpGandalf Level 6
B, X, Down, DownGandalf Level 8
A, B, Down, XGimili Level 8
Up, B, X, XGimli Level 2
Y, X, Down, UpGimli Level 4
Down, Y, Down XGimli Level 6
X, X, B, XLegolas Level 2
Down, Down, A, ALegolas Level 4
Down, B, Up, DownLegolas Level 6
X, Up, Up, DownLegolas Level 8
Down, Down, X, XMerry Level 2
X, A, B, DownMerry Level 4
Down, Down, X, YMerry Level 6
Down, Y, A, XMerry Level 8
Down, A, Down, UpPippin Level 2
A, Down, Down, DownPippin Level 4
B, Y, B, YPippin Level 6
X, Up, Up, BPippin Level 8
B, A, B, YSam Level 2
Up, Down, X, ASam Level 4
Down, Down, Up, UpSam Level 6
B, B, Y, YSam Level 8

Contributed By: XCommander.


Unlock Secret Characters

Both secret characters are unlocked by completing the final level, ''The Crack of Doom''.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete final level, "Crack of Doom".Faramir
Complete final level, "Crack of Doom".Pippin
Beat "Crack of Doom"Secret Character: Merry

Contributed By: Virgil. and DC4ever.

Unlockable Interviews and Art

How to unlock the interviews and concept art, Complete the Missions below

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete The Crack of DoomAndy Serkis Interview
Complete The Crack of DoomBilly Boyd Interview
Complete The Road to IsengardChristopher Lee Interview
Complete The Crack of DoomDavid Wenham Interview
Complete The Crack of DoomDom Monaghan Interview
Complete Shelob's LairElijah Wood Interview
Complete Helm's DeepFilm Concept Art
Complete The Southern GateFilm Production Stills
Complete Path of the DeadGame Concept Art
Complete Helm's DeepHobbits on Gaming
Complete Minas Tirith - Top of the WallIan Mckellen Interview
Complete Escape from OsgiliathSean Astin Interview
Complete The Crack of DoomSecret Codes

Contributed By: lilobaggins.

Unlockable Levels

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the "Crack of Doom"Palantir of Saruman
Beat the "Crack of Doom" and get Gandalf, Sam, and either Aragorn/Legolas/Gimli to level 10Palantir of Sauron

Contributed By: DC4ever.