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Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu


All rewards, upgrades, unlimited health, combo meter, dark knight mode

Enter codes at the mode selection screen.

hold L+R Triggers press R,U,U,R,L,D,R,UEnter Dark Knight mode
hold L+R Triggers, press L,D,L,R,L,L,D,RGet All rewards
hold L+R Triggers, press D,U,D,L,D,R,U,DHAve all upgrades
hold L+R Triggers press L,R,D,U,U,D,R,LHave an unlimited combo meter
hold L+R Triggers press U,R,U,L,D,L,D,RInfinite Health

Contributed By: Master Splinter.


Unlock New Costumes and Movie

On any difficulty simply beat the game to unlock new costumes for each character.

Beating the game on Normal unlocks Making of Sin Tzu movie

UnlockableHow to Unlock
beat the game on normal difficulty setting.Making of Sin Tzu movie
beat the game on any difficulty setting.Past Costumes

Contributed By: Streetfighter.