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Dead or Alive Ultimate


Fighting mixed teams with special outfits in tag battle mode

Just press start button when selecting tag battle mode. You will face randomly paired teams dressed in alternate costumes instead of fighting default teams i.e. Kasumi and Hayabusa, Bass and Tina and so on.

Contributed By: Wing0Custom.


Collection Mode

Play through survival mode to unlock Collection Mode. This lets you view the various items you collect through Survival mode.

Contributed By: SirSmoke.

Danger Bounce

To open Danger Bounce in the Extra Config enter the initials DOA when you finish Arcade Mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Enter DOA as initialsDanger Bounce

Contributed By: dasviolator.

Extra Character (DOA1U)

To unlock Raidou, you must finish arcade mode with all the characters and the settings must on default.

Contributed By: Blue Man.

Extra Config Option and Ring Size

To unlock extra config option and ring size for DOAU1 beat the arcade mode once with anyone.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Arcade ModeExtra Config Option
Beat Arcade ModeRing Size

Contributed By: dasviolator.

Extra Config Option Danger Zone

Finish Survival Mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish Survival ModeDanger Zone

Contributed By: dasviolator.

Extra Config Option Fighting Order

Finish Time Attack in under 5 minutes to unlock Fighting Order in extra config

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish Time Attack in under 5 minutesFighting Order

Contributed By: dasviolator.

Hidden Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
beat story mode with Leon on normalBayman
Beat story mode on Normal with Ein, must have a DOA3 or DOAXBV saveHitomi playable for versus mode
beat story mode on easy with everyone onceTengu playable for versus mode

Contributed By: Fallen0ne.

Time Attack Medals (Single Player)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat time attack in under 6:00Bronze Prize
Beat time attack in under 4:30Gold Prize
Beat time attack in under 5:00Silver Prize

Contributed By: zacl.

Unlock All Costumes

Play in Story Mode for all the main characters, and Time attack for Hitomi, Bayman, and Tengu.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
C3 - C7 (Easy mode), C8 - C15 (Normal), C15 - C20 (Hard)Ayane
C3 - C4 (Easy), C5 - C8 (Normal)Bass
C3 - C4 (Easy), C5 - C6 (Normal)Bayman
C3 - C4 (Easy), C5 - C8 (Normal)Gen Fu
C3 - C4 (Easy), C5- C9 (Normal)Hayabusa
C3 - C7 (Easy mode), C8 - C11 (Normal), C12 - C13 (Hard)Helena
C3 - C7 (Easy mode), C8 - C11 (Normal), C12 - C14 (Hard)Hitomi
C3 - C4 (Easy), C5 - C8 (Normal)Jann Lee
C3 - C7 (Easy mode), C8 - C15 (Normal), C16-C20 (Hard)Kasumi
C3 - C7 (Easy mode), C8 - C15 (Normal), C15 -C20 (Hard)Lei Fang
C3 - C4 (Easy), C5 - C7 (Normal)Leon
C3 (Easy)Tengu
C3 - C7 (Easy mode), C8 - C14 (Normal), C15 - C16 (Hard)Tina
C3 - C4 (Easy), C5 - C8 (Normal)Zack

Contributed By: GenmaNinja and mario89advance.

Unlock all Costumes, CG Gallery, Booster Disk and DOA Episode

To unlock all costumes, the Booster Disk and CG Gallery as well as the DOA Icons episode, play survival on any difficulty setting and collect all 66 items.

Contributed By: Advocate4.

Unlock Character System Voices

You need to beat Exercise (in Sparring) mode with certain characters to unlock certain voices.
Note: "System Voices" are the voices that say "Fight!", "K.O.", "Winner!", etc. and are changed at Settings>Game Settings>Others

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Ayane's Exercises in Sparring ModeAyane's Voice
Beat Ein's Exercises in Sparring ModeEin's Voice
Beat Kasumi's Exercises in Sparring ModeKasumi's Voice
Beat Exercise with ALL charactersRaidou's Voice
Beat Tengu's Exercises in Sparring ModeTengu's Voice

Contributed By: SuperToilet.

Unlockable features

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all costumes for all charactersCG Gallery
Collect all costumes for all charactersDOA 3 Booster disc
Collect all costumes for all charactersG4's DOA 'Icons' episode

Contributed By: technorocker.

Easter Eggs

Genfu Hat Trick

On Costume 3, use the Tenseiha appeal to make him take off his hat. If you win the battle, he will put his hat back on and say something different.

Contributed By: GenmaNinja.

Hidden Xbox and Christie photograph in "The Crimson"

In the level "The Crimson" if you knock someone through the glass window on the upper level, you will go to another area. In this area is a picture of Christie from "Dead or Alive 3" on the wall, as well as a Prototype Xbox connected to a T.V. If you hit someone into the Xbox and T.V., the Xbox will light up and the Xbox logo will be displayed on the screen.

Contributed By: mario89advance.

Lighting up Zack's costumes

On Zack's C3 and C7 costumes, if you taunt during a match, they will light up for the round. If you taunt again, it will turn off.

Contributed By: mario89advance.

Perfect round victory poses

In all modes (except Story Mode and Sparring Mode), if you play a perfect round (in other words, don't lose any health), you'll get a victory pose that you can only see if you play a perfect round. Some characters will even have a second "Perfect Round" victory pose if you can get two perfect rounds.

Contributed By: josh924.


Adjust Camera during Celebration

During the ending celebration after each battle, you can move the camera. By pressing either the left or right trigger, you can turn the screen, up to, 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise. By using the right analog stick up or down, you can move the screen over or under the character.

Contributed By: hinalover.

Alternate Hairstyles.

With Kasumi and Lei Fang, they have up to 4 different hairstyles; available by pressing up to 4 different buttons corresponding to the hairstyle.

For Kasumi, all 4 hairstyles are accessible for all [20] costumes.

A: Loose Hair.
X: High Ponytail.
Y: Low ponytail.
White: Low braid.

For Lei Fang her hairstyles are a little different.


A/White: Ponytail.
X: Loose hair.
Y: Braids.


A: Bun.
X: Loose hair.
Y: Ponytail.
White: Braids.

Every other costume:
A/Y/White: Braids.
X: Loose hair.

Contributed By: doidoi.

Alternate Level Select

Press X on the following stages to play a variation of that level.

The Aerial Gardens
The White Storm
The Great Opera

Contributed By: MysticFog.

Extra Collection Items in Survival Mode

While playing in survival, if you punch or kick your opponent while they are lying on the ground, they will drop a collection item.

Note: Certain characters can only punch opponents that are on the ground and certain characters can only kick opponents that are on the ground.

Contributed By: zacl.

Zack's Snow Board

In the level The White Storm, use Zack's move "Heart Breaker" while your opponent is at the edge of the slope at the beginning of the level. If done properly, following the move, Zack will lay out the enemy's body, and use it as a snowboard down the hill.

Contributed By: PotatoSklls.

Dead or Alive Cheats


Extra Costumes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlock all of Ayane's extra costumes.CG Gallery
Complete Kumite mode with at least an eighty percent win ratio or get the total playing time to twelve hoursDanger Bounce
Complete Survival mode by beating all ten characters or get the total playing time to nine hours.Danger Damage
Make sure all the options are set to the default settings and then complete Tournament mode to get one extra costume for the character you played with every time you complete it.Extra Costumes
In the training mode turn on 'command' mode then perform the characters complete reportoire of moves to unlock their extra voice option.Extra Voices
Complete the game using the Raidou under the normal difficulty level and default settings.Fight as Ayane
Complete Tournament mode with any character or get the total playing time to three hours.Fighting Order
You can unlock Raidou by beating the game with all of the original characters using default settings. Once you have obtained all of the costumes for the available characters you with recieve the second hidden character, AyaneHidden Characters
Unlock all costumes for all characters, then select costume 14 for the females, or 5 for the males and beat the game on normal difficulty with the default settings.Raidou
Complete Time Attack mode on the Normal difficulty setting within five minutes or get the total playing time to six hours.Safety Zone Size

Contributed By: Anonymous, falsehead, XxXSoviet RussiaXxX, Dekar182, and KasketDarkfyre.

Sytem Voices

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get all costumes with all default characters and raidou.System Voices

Contributed By: Blue Man.

Easter Eggs

Character Wallpapers

Insert DOA game disc into a CD-ROM drive. Go to its file listing {usually D:\), select Omake folder, and copy the bitmap files onto your computer to use as wallpaper.

Contributed By: plushieleona.


Control Victory View

Press Up, Down, Left, or Right during the winning pose to change the camera angle. Press R1 or L1 to zoom in and out.

Contributed By: eggman n3.

Dead or Alive 2 Cheats



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 200 stars in Survival Mode.All Character's Costumes
Complete Story Mode 5 times with Ayane OR once without continuing.Ayane Costume 4
Earn 1.5 million points on survival mode or play as Ayane in Survial mode over 25 times.Ayane Costume 5
Complete over 50 stages on Survival mode OR play survival mode over 50 Times playing as Ayane.Ayane Costume 6
Complete the time attack in under 4:15 or play as Ayane over 200 times.Ayane Costume 7
Get the Tiara Item in survival Modeor play as Ayane over 200 times.Ayane Costume 8
Complete story mode 5 times OR complete story mode once without continuing.Bass Costume 4
Get the Championship belt in survival mode or play as Bass over 50 timesBass Costume 5
Complete Story Mode with each of the default characters or complete Story Mode 30 times using any combination of charcaters.Bayman
Complete Team Mode with 5 characters to unlock the CG Gallery.CG Gallery
Complete Story Mode once with the character.Costume 3 for all characters
Finish the game with every Character in Very Hard Mode.You can then view the Deluxe Version of the Credits. It contains new music,website banners and every DOA development team.Deluxe Credits
Win team mode with five charactersExpanded Credits
Collect 10 Stars in Survival Mode or play as any combination of characters 200 times.Tengu
Press start to pause the game, then press triangle + XUnlock extra options

Contributed By: Dazz Hardy, Jonny Dangerous, Ryan Gillam, STEVEW, and gamefan1221.


Uncut Demo

Go to the Option menu, Game setting, then Others. Adjust your age to 21 years old or higher, then play Survival mode until your scores are high enough to be in the ranking. Enter REALDEMO as your name and return to the title screen and wait for the uncut demo.

Contributed By: CJ800.