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The Sims Bustin' Out


In-Game Codes

Pause the game while playing and quickly enter the Cheat Gnome code (Left, Black, Right, X, Left) and then the following codes:

Black, Down, Right, Left, Down, YAll Locations Visited
Black, Up, Y, Down, RightAll Objects Unlocked
Left, Right, A , Down, BlackAll Socials Unlocked
Right, Left, B, Down, WhiteFull Motives
Right, Black, DownTeam Picture

Contributed By: Tricky Girl, videogames, and Diontae16.

Main Menu Codes

Press the following buttons at the main menu.

L, Black, Right, X, Left1,000 Simoleans
A,A,Y,Y,White,White,Black,Black1,000 Simoleans
R, L, Down, Black, Left, BCheat Gnome (Must be entered first)

Contributed By: Tricky Girl and Diontae16.


Regain Energy With The Bug Zapper

If you touch a bug zapper you will have a small portion of your sims energy restored.

BEWARE: When using this trick it will take a small portion of your comfort meter away.

Contributed By: Monkeydude101.