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Spider-Man 2


Start in a special mode

Either start a new game with no other saves present. Enter the password as the name, then press Y. It will then ask again for a name, you can then type what ever you want. Or, load up a save. Go into the menu and selct "New Game". Enter the password as the name and press Y. it will then ask you for a name again. Select Cancel, and exit the pause menu. It will then put you in the special mode from beating the game.

HCRAYERTNo intro. 20100 Hero points, Swing Speed 6/8. Web Zip Aquired. Awards: Big Game Hunter, Alien Buster, Shock Asorber, Tentacle Wrangler. 44.38% done

Contributed By: Master Splinter.


Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all 150 Secret Skyscraper TokensWallsprint Upgrade 2

Contributed By: CTPD123.

Unlock Movie Viewer and Battle Arena

Beat the game and then go back to the Spidey Store. You'll see two new options you can buy, the Battle Arena and a Movie Viewer.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the Game/Purchase from StoreBattle Arena
Beat the Game/Purchase from StoreMovie Viewer

Contributed By: Cactus11.

Unlock Upgrade

When you collect all 392 misc. tokens you will unlock the Super Spider-Missle Upgrade for purchase in the spidey store for 10,000 hero points.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all 392 tokensSuper Spider-Missle Upgrade

Contributed By: MyMindWentBlank.

Unlockable Awards

Complete the associated requirement to get the award.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat Mysterio in story modeAlien Buster
Stop 25 road ragesAnger Manager
Stop 25 car jackingsAutomobile Avenger
Pop 25 balloonsBalloon Popper
Stop 25 purse snatchersBane of Petty Thieves
Defeat Rhino in story modeBig Game Hunter
Defeat 200 enemiesChamp
Stop 250 petty crimesCrime Stopper
Collect all 130 Bouy TokensDrenched Explorer
Complete all Pizza Missions (20)Employee of the Month
Return 25 balloons to childrenFriend to Children
Complete Everything in the game (100%)Game Master
Beat all challenges' mega timesGold Medalist
Help 250 citizens in distressGood samaritan
Complete all arcade gamesHardcore Gamer
Accumulate 45K hero pointsHero
Accumulate 15K hero pointsHero in Training
Assisted 25 officiersHonorary Deputy
Resolve 25 medical emergenciesHuman Ambulance
Collect all 213 Hint MarkersKnowledge Seeker
Resolve 25 sinking boat crisisesLife Preserver
Rescue 25 hanging citizensLifter of Spirits
Complete all MJ missionsLover not a Fighter
Collect all exploration tokensMaster Explorer
Defeat 500 enemiesMega Champ
Accumulate 200K hero pointsMega Hero
Stop 25 battle royalsPartycrasher
Defeat Shocker in story modeShock Absorber
Complete all Daily Bugle Missions (6)Shutterbug
Beat all challengesSilver Medalist
Get max swing speedSpeed Freak
Foil 25 robberiesStick Up Artist
Foil 25 ambushesSucker
Accumulate 100K hero pointsSuperhero
Defeat Doc Ock in story modeTentacle Wrangler
All skyscraper tokens foundThug Mugger
Collect all skyscraper tokensTowering Explorer
Collect all hideout tokensVigilant Explorer
Foil 25 break-insWatch Dog
All secret tokens foundWatchful Explorer

Contributed By: Spenze.