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Star Wars: Battlefront


Profile Name Code

Name a profile Jub Jub to make everyone Ewok size.

Contributed By: GodzillasHomie.

Select All Planets

Go to "Historical Campaign" mode and select the era you want to play (Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War), then enter the following:

X, Y, X, YPlanet Select

Contributed By: quecojones.


Travel Through Wall In Echo Base

Play the level 'Echo Base' and get the Taun Taun (The donkey creature) that is standing in front of the hanger. Go into the hanger and turn right, you will see a wall with boxes beside it. Go to the space between the boxes and you can walk through the wall.

Contributed By: Joshs Name.


Art Gallery Unlockables

Beat the specified mission in Historical Campaigns to unlock the art gallery.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat a Mission in Historical Campaign ModeInstant Action

Contributed By: lilobaggins.

Special Features

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat "The Liberation of Cloud City" in the Galactic Civil War eraBespin Concept Art
Beat "Battle in the Clouds" in the Galactic Civil War eraEndor Stills
Beat "The Battle of Geonosis" in the Clone Wars eraGeonosis Stills
Beat "The Battle of Hoth" in the Galactic Civil War eraHoth Concept Art
Beat "The Assault on Kamino" in the Clone Wars eraKamino Storyboards
Beat "Rebellion on Theed" in the Clone Wars eraNaboo Stills
Beat "Aggressive Negotiations" in the Clone Wars eraStar Wars: Battlefront Art
Beat "Siege of Mos Eisley" in the Galactic Civil War eraTatooine Concept Art
Beat "Mountaintop Defenses" in the Clone Wars eraWeapons and Unit Stills
Beat "The Fall of Yavin 4" in the Galactic Civil War eraYavin Concept Art

Contributed By: MysticFog.