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SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom


Hidden Characters

In Select Player Screen, Hold R Button and Press Square Button On Specified Characters To Play One of 10 Hidden Characters

Highlight Dhalsim and Hold R1 ButtonDan Hibiki
Highlight Chun-Li and Hold R1 ButtonDemitri Maximoff
Highlight Kyo Kusanagi and Hold R1 ButtonGeese Howard
Highlight Ryo Sakazaki and Hold R1 ButtonGoenitz
Highlight Terry Bogard and Hold R1 ButtonMars People
Highlight Kim Kaphwan and Hold R1 ButtonOrochi Iori
Highlight Kasumi Todoh and Hold R1 ButtonSerious Mr. Karate
Highlight Balrog and Hold R1 ButtonShin Akuma
Highlight Vega and Hold R1 ButtonViolent Ken
Highlight Ryu and Hold R1 ButtonZero

Contributed By: nado and RaumeRVZ.

Random Select

Enter this code at the character select screen.

Random SelectPress and hold the Back Button

Contributed By: Inuyashafan2.


Unlock Art Gallery

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat survival mode one timeArt Gallery

Contributed By: nado.

Unlockable Characters

Complete Specified Tasks To Unlock Following Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Survival Mode, You Will Versus One of Them In Survival ModeAthena
Complete Survival Mode, You Will Versus One of Them In Survival ModeFirebrand

Contributed By: Gene Starwind and RaumeRVZ.