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Playboy: The Mansion


Roster Character Editor

Unlock the ability to change all of your staff members and celebrities.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Mission 2Roster Character Editor

Contributed By: XCommander.

Unlockable areas

Complete these objectives to get access to these areas

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Mission 5Clubhouse
Invite the agent to the special party in Mission 4Grotto
Complete Mission 1Pool

Contributed By: XCommander.

Unlockable items

Complete these objectives to unlock these items

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Misson 9Brass Bed
Complete Mission 3Bunny Back
Hold the fundraiser in Mission 5Butt'r'fly
Do an intimate action with a girl in mission 3Leg-O-Lamp
Publish an issue in Mission 2Massage Table
Publish Playboy Philosophy in Mission 4Michelangelo
Find Ken Willard in Mission 5Obsession
Complete Mission 4Olivia's Hef
Complete Mission 8Regency Chair
Complete Mission 6Regency End Table
Complete Mission 11Regency Rug
Complete Mission 10Regency Sofa
Get two girlfriends in Mission 3Trampoline
Publish Karmyn Chase on the cover in Mission 5Ultra Extreme Dance

Contributed By: XCommander.

Unlockable outfits

Complete these objectives to unlock these outfits

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Cover Shoot Karmyn Chase during Mission 5Artsy Bunny Shirt
Sign Carmen Electra in Mission 8Barely There Plus
Hold the sex grotto part in Mission 7Leopard Flares
Hold special parties for your staff, playmates, and girlfriends in Mission 7Plaid Skirt
Get Markus a high Romantic relationship with a girl in Mission 6Playboy Mini
Force the two feuding staff-mates to make up in Mission 4Retro-Zip Front
Get a romantic relationship between Karmyn and Builder in Mission 6Shoulder Wrap
Make Wendy and Ciro fall in love during mission 8Stars n' stripes
Get Penny or Sandra as your girlfriend in Mission 8White Peek-A-Boo

Contributed By: XCommander.