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25 to Life


Extra levels, items, and outfits

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Escape to your getaway carBank Robbing Outfit
Serve Shaun some justiceDazz
Get to the subwayDJ Envy
Get to your carFreeze's Starting Outfit
Kill SaragosaKurupt
Get the evidence to mendoza's carOfficer Williams
Get to Your carRick Ta Life
Serve Shaun some justiceTech H9ne

Contributed By: Raiden_MGS4.

Unlock Bonus Mission

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all 12 missions & mission objectives.Bonus Level "Beatdown"

Contributed By: Jay FNG Philbrook.


Listed below are all the unlockables in the game along with what you have you to do to get them and in what level.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Level 1: Take Two Human Shields25 To Life Decal
Level 5: Arrest 4 dealersATF Decals
Level 3: Escape to your Getaway carBank Robbing Outfit
Level 2: Defeat 25 enemiesBarbed Wire Hat
Level 6: Achieve 30 percent accuracyBig "Dawg" Tattoo
Level 5: Achieve 25 percent accuracyBig Mustache
Level 2: Cover up 4 tagsBlack Bandanna
Level 11: Get into 5 ATM'sBlack Gloves
Level 12: Find all 5 secret stashesBulldog Chain
Level 9: Defeat 32 enemiesCamo Pants
Level 9: Get 16 headshotsChest Flame Tattoo
Level 8: Defeat 45 enemiesChest Tattoo
Level 10: Protect LazarusChinese Pain Tattoo
Level 7: Defeat 60 enemiesClock Cap Decal
Level 12: Kill ShaunDaz and Tech Tattoo
Level 5: Get to the subwayDJ Envy Outfit
Level 8: Escape with lootFederates Outfit
Level 1: Defeat 20 enemiesFlaming Beanie
Level 11: Finish levelFreeze's Mall Outfit
Level 10: Finish levelFreeze's Prison Outfit
Level 1: Get to your carFreeze's Starting Outfit
Level 6: Free a police officerFull Tactical Harness
Level 12: Defeat 30 enemiesG Cap Decal
Level 3: Shoot all ATMsGold Earrings
Level 4: Achieve 20 percent accuracyHolster
Level 4: Arrest 5 felon criminalsKneepads
Level 7: Paint over 4 Gang tagsMexican Flag Bandanna
Level 10: Defeat 30 enemiesNo Parole Decal
Level 4: Take the evidence to Mendoza's carOfficers Williams
Level 11: Complete this level without dyingRed Hightops
Level 2: Return to your carRick Ta Life outfit
Level 5: Get 8 head shotsRiot Helmet
Level 8: Get 12 headshotsScorpion Black Tattoo
Level 6: Trap Shaun in a subway traincar.Shaun's Getaway Outfit
Level 7: Find Riggs at the clubShaun's TJ outfit
Level 6: Defeat 24 enemiesSideburns
Level 4: Keep partner aliveTactical Vest
Level 8: Rob five cash cartsTriple Bracelets
Level 3: Defeat 25 enemiesWestside Knife Tat

Contributed By: AWing Pilot.