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Test Drive: Eve of Destruction


Unlockable Feats

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Become the #1 ranked driver in career modeAI Vengence
Max out the hit meter 15 times in a career eveBuh-Kwawk
Destroy your car within 55 seconds in action modeChicken Fight
Disable all cars in a point to point raceDeadly Ambition
Win a figure 8 jump race without any damageFast Forward
Wrangle a car in 9 secondsHardcore Mode
Gain 100 kills in career modeOld Tyme Racing
Successfully complete all of the dare mode challengesTurbo Boost

Contributed By: Xuande12.

Unlockable Movies

Unlock movies when you get better ranks in Career Mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Rank 70Boat Race Movie
Rank 30Camper Race Movie
Rank 10Car Soccer Movie
Rank 80Chain Race Movie
Rank 90Compact Derby Movie
Rank 60Derby Basics Movie
Rank 50Derby Strategy Movie
Rank 1Extreme Movie
Rank 20Figure 8 Bus Race Movie
Rank 40Flagpole Race Movie

Contributed By: joshbrownfan.


To unlock these bonus vehicles, obtain reputation points in action or career mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
40000 Reputation PointsAmbulance
45000 Reputation PointsBaxter
5000 Reputation PointsBulldog
10000 Reputation PointsCannon
15000 Reputation PointsDundas
20000 Reputation PointsEmpire
2500 Reputation PointsHastings
500 Reputation PointsHearse
30000 Reputation PointsKenyon
55000 Reputation PointsMankato
50000 Reputation PointsOrbital
35000 Reputation PointsOutlaw
25000 Reputation PointsPostal
65000 Reputation PointsRocket
60000 Reputation PointsTaxi
70000 Reputation PointsWelch

Contributed By: Xuande12.