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Sid Meier's Pirates!


Player Name Cheats

Use one of these names, for your character's name, to enable the cheat.

D.Gackeybegin game with the ship of the line (the best ship in the game) and a full crew.
B.Caudizzlecrew is always at highest possible morale
Dragon Madueling invincibility
Sweet ToothFood Never Dwindles
Bloody Bones BazInvincible in Ship Battles
FiraxisJeff Briggs as Abbott
ScooterNo matter how badly you do at dancing, the Governor's daughters always love you!
Max RemingtonSid Meier as Mysterious Stranger
Bonus FragSnappy Dresser
SprinklerYour fleet sails twice as fast as everyone else's

Contributed By: Amarth and DGackey.


Unlockable Stuff In The Gallery

In Pirates!, when you do certain things, or "bonus" tasks, you get bonus doubloons. You use these doubloons in the main menu gallery option. Most sections of the gallery are locked though. You unlock them by buying certain objects in the 2nd and so on sections of the gallery. I will tell you which ones exactly. This has been tested on 3 different boxes and we haven't encountered any abnormalities or randomness yet.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
In the 1st row of Rogue III, pick the 4th optionBehind The Scenes
In the 3rd row of Behind The Scenes, pick the 4th optionPirates! Museum
In the 3rd row of Rogue II, pick the 2nd option.Promotional
On the 2nd Row of Crew, pick the 1st optionRogue I Gallery
In the 1st row of Ships, pick the 5th option.Rogue II
In the 2nd row of Promotional, pick the 5th option.Rogue III
In the 4th row of Rogue I, pick the 2nd option.Ships
In the 2nd row of Rogue I, pick the 2nd option.Townspeople

Contributed By: NemesisLaw.

Easter Eggs

Talk Like a Pirate Day

If your system date is correct (or if you set it so), on 19th September is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. On this day, the in game text dialogue is all in 'pirate' talk i.e. lots of 'ye' 'avast' 'yargh' 'arrr' and 'shiver me timbers'.

Contributed By: FPDuck.