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Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge



All codes are entered during gameplay, or in Jack's house. Since there are not many for Jack's house, I'll label those accordingly. Also, there are confirmation sounds when cheats are entered correctly. The sound is what you hear when you make a selection on any menu in the game. Also, the cheats will not work if you're entering them while you're getting hit so make sure you're in a safe open area or be really fast at inputting the codes. You're able to still save the game when using these cheats so don't fret.

Up, Down, Left, Right, Click The Right Stick, Click The Left Stick(Jack's house) All costumes.
Up, Up, Click The Right Stick, Up(Jack's house) Unlock all figures and songs. ( which also grants you the reward for getting them UNLIMITED PUMPKIN KING POWER)
Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Click The Right Stick, Click The Left Stick*MUST ENTER BEFORE MUSIC/DANCE* Game plays the music/dance battle for you. You're still able to save when you use this cheat regardless what you read.
Click The Right Stick, Click The Left Stick, Click The Right Stick, UpRefill health.
Up, Right, Left, Down, Click The Left Stick, Click The Right StickUnlock all Santa Jack weapons. (Should require the outfit)
Up, Right, Left, Down, Click The Right Stick, Click The Left StickUpgrade Soul Robber.

Contributed By: Master2873.

Unlock Pumpkin King and Santa Jack costumes

While you are playing around,Just press:
Down, Up, Right, Left, Left analog stick, Right analog stick

Contributed By: ConkerMurderer.



To put the coustumes on go to Jacks closet in his house

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game onceDancing Jack
Get an "S" rank on all levels and do both secret chaptersPhantom Jack
Beat the game oncePJs Jack
Beat the spider bossPumpkin King
Beat the DocterSanta Jack
Get an "A" rank on all levelsThespian Jack

Contributed By: missinglink909.


Bonuses on the Continue Screen

When you lose all your life and are taken to the Continue Screen you see a counter in the middle. When you stop the timer on certain Special Times different effects are granted:

7.77 - Jack gains 500 souls instead of losing some.

6.66 - Jack doesn't recover full health. He gets a single blinking pumpkin and doesn't lose souls.

0.01 - Jack gains 500 souls and complete refills of his Crystal Bottles, Blue Souls, and Red Souls. (Requires you have at least one Gold Pumpkin.)

Contributed By: MarcusRaven86.