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Worms 4: Mayhem


Character sets

Each of these characters cost 500 coins:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Successfully complete all twenty five missions.Alien
Get all fifteen trophies.Cyborg
Successfully complete all the non-Deathmatch challenges faster than Team17.Dino
Successfully complete all twenty five missions in time bonuses.Professor
Successfully complete all ten Deathmatch challenges faster than Team17.Wormenstein

Contributed By: RaChuChu.


Maps that cost 20 coins

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat Team17 times in the deathmatches they are used on.Hold Until Reworked and Re-Submission maps
Successfully complete the mission/level that uses them.Mission and Tutorial maps

Contributed By: RaChuChu.

Special Head Gear (150 coins)

Note: Time bonuses are not required.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Successfully complete Wild West part of the story (missions 11 to 15).Boggy The Kid
Successfully complete the Prehistoric part of the story (missions 21 to 25).Caveworm
Successfully complete the Construction part of the story (missions 1 to 5).Hard Hat
Successfully complete the Arabia part of the story (missions 16 to 20).Queen Of Sheeba
Successfully complete the Camelot part of the story (missions 6 to 10).Royal Knight

Contributed By: RaChuChu.


Getting trophies for the trophy cabinet will give you 100 to 500 coins to spend in the item shop. To get the trophies, you must accomplish a certain task or get a certain number of damage points, etc.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Kill three worms with one shot (one turn).3 Bagger trophy
Kill four worms with one shot (Holy Hand Grenade is probably best).4 Bagger trophy
Get at least 200 total kills with animal weapons (for example, sheep).Animal Lover trophy
Blow up at least 500 green explosive barrels (overall throughout the game).Barrel Buster trophy
Get 500 damage in one shot (getting two worms with 250 HP each in the water with a shotgun is probably easiest).Big Blast trophy
Get at least 500 kills (total throughout whole game; includes multi-player matches).Body Count trophy
Get at least 25 000 total damage (overall throughout the game).Bronze Damage trophy
Get at least 100 000 total damage (overall throughout the game).Gold Damage trophy
Collect at least 500 total crates (overall throughout the game).Greedy Worm trophy
Successfully dodge at least 500 mines (overall throughout the game).Hot Foot trophy
Kill three worms with one shot (shotgun recommended).Magic Bullet trophy
Use at least 2 000 total jet pack fuel (overall throughout the game).Rocketeer trophy
Get at least 50 000 total damage (overall throughout the game).Silver Damage trophy
Get three kills with one animal weapon (sheep recommended).The Beast Within trophy
Get at least 8 000 total damage with the bazooka (overall throughout the game).Weapon Specialist trophy

Contributed By: RaChuChu.

Weapons (150 coins)

In the list of schemes in the shop, most cost 50 coins but four of them cost 150. If you buy one that costs 150 coins, you will unlock the weapon that corresponds to that scheme in the shop:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Buy the "Darksider" schemeThe Bubble Trouble
Buy the "Holy Grail" schemeThe Holy Hand Grenade
Buy the "Mega Powers" schemeThe Icarus Potion
Buy the "It's a Mystery" schemeThe Inflatable Scouser

Contributed By: RaChuChu.