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Beat Down


Medicine Glitch (Xbox only)

If you put on the three Policeman clothing items which are the Police Shirt, the Police Hat & the Gun Holster Belt, the game will automatically put 1026 large meds into your inventory.

Contributed By: Lord_Daemon.


How To Unlock Norma

To unlock Norma you must defeat her in every chapter after the chapter, "Fatima's Saints." Chapter 3, she is located right outside The Hole, the first time it is impossible to miss her. Chapter 4, she can be found in Station Zone, this only works if you enter from the south WITHOUT a vehicle. Chapter 5, once again she can be found in Station Zone from the South enterance. Chapter 6, You have to exit Industrial Area South from the East, she will run up to you in the Town Square zone near the Industrial South Enterance, beat her there. Finally make you way to hotel zone and you'll get a call from her telling you to meet her at the basketball court, this time she will have a pride guage, unlike the last times, beat her up and then recuit her on to your team. If you miss her in any of these chapters, you will have to wait till you start the game again in a new game plus to get her.

Contributed By: Teen Gohan.

Story Mode Completion Bonuses

You will receive the following bonuses when starting a new game if you complete the game with the following titles.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish story mode with Blacklist at 100%Brassiere 4 & Sarong unlocked
Finish Story mode with Side Mission at 100%Brassiere and Bikini unlocked
Finish Story mode with Samurai titleBullet-proof vest found in changing rooms
Finish Story mode by battling ChesterChester becomes ally
Finish Story mode with Ruler titleEugene & Fatima become ally and receive Pheromone
Finish Story mode with Governor titleFatima becomes ally and receive Pheromone
Finish Story mode with Tyrant titleGregoria & Ignacy become ally and vest in changing rooms
Finish Story mode with Beast titleIgnacy becomes ally and vest in changing rooms
Finish story mode with Good Citizen titleMan & Woman at the Hole sell Weapons and Items
Finish story mode with Boss titleMelvin becomes ally and Hole sells weapons
Complete Story mode with all 5 charactersMovie Viewer
Finish Story mode with Super-Rich titleQuincy becomes ally and receive Turkey
Finish Story mode with Czar titleReceive Charisma Pheromone
Finish Story mode with Investor titleReceive Turkey in inventory
Finish Story mode with Ultra-Rich titleTracy & Quincy become allies and receive Turkey
Finish story mode with Don titleWallace & Melvin become allies and Hole sells weapons
Finish game with Godfather titleZanetti, Wallace & Melvin become allies and Hole sells weapons

Contributed By: Lord_Daemon.

Unlock other main characters for gang

You can unlock the other 4 playable main characters as members for your gang. They're found only at a specified time and location.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
You can find him in chapter 6 in the top foor of the Hotel one room before Zanetti (at least the Governor title is needed)Aaron
Chapter 5: Go to wharf and warehouse 12. Defeat all of the thugs with weapons and go to the storage room to rescue her.Gina
During Chapter 4, go to the gas station, and there will be 3 gang members. Defeat them, and a cutscene with Jason plays. Beat him and he'll join.Jason G
Chapter 2: Defeat any five Fatimas Saints, go to the police station and into the cell area, you will find Lola trapped inside. Rescue her.Lola
Chapter 4: Go to the southside park, and Raven may appear and challenge you to a fight, beat him. You only have one chanceRaven

Contributed By: shadyskater4, MadxxxDoc, and Orcahi Iori.