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Blitz: The League



To activate the cheats, go into the extras menu and enter the following codes:

ONFIREBall Trail Always On
BOUNCYBeach Ball
PIPPEDDouble Unleash Icons
NOTTIREDStamina Disabled
CLASHYSuper Clash Mode
BIGDOGSSuper Unleash Clash Mode
CHUWAYTwo Player Co-op

Contributed By: Oedipus Complex.


Unlock Play Modes

The following modes can be unlocked by accomplishing certain feats in Quick Play.

Note: To ensure you unlock the desired mode, play each quick play game without any other game modes or codes activated.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Defense portion of Training Mode Pain (TDs, FGs score points as usual, but Dirty and Unleashed hits give you points as well)
Score a 90+ yard TD in a single Quick Play gameAll or Nothing (No first downs...score in 4 downs or turn it over)
Gain 40 Victories in Quick Play modeBig Head (Players have big heads)
Gain 30 Victories in Quick Play modeBonecrushes (A bone break in nearly every hit)
Complete the Rushing portion of the Training ModeButtafingaz (Every hit causes a fumble)
Win a Quick Play game without using any pass playsDavid vs. Goliath (Home team are giants, away team are quick but tiny players)
Complete the recieving portion of the Training ModeDeuces Wild (Safeties and 2 point conversions are worth 2 points, while other scores are only worth 1)
Complete the Prime Time portion of Training ModeDomination (You score, you get the ball back)
Win a single Quick Play game using ONLY pass playsLucky 7s (At the start of each drive, a TD is worth 7 points. If you score in one play, you get 7. If you score in two plays, you get 6, and so on)
Complete the Passing portion of Training ModeNo Injuries
Kick 5 or more successful field goals in a single Quick Play gameWindbreakers (Players fart when hit. Especially funny at 4 am)

Contributed By: barrym25.