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Burnout Revenge


Special Cars

Complete special tasks to unlock the following cars:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Gain ELITE RankBlack Elite Racer
Complete Central Route Challenge SheetCriterion GT Racer
Complete Sunshine Keys Challenge SheetCustom Classic
Detect Burnout 3 gamesaveDominator Assassin
Complete White Mountian Challenge SheetEA GT Racer
Complete Motor City Challenge SheetEtnies Racer
Complete Eternal City Challenge SheetEuro Classic LM
Complete Lone Peak Challenge SheetHot Rod
Complete Rank 10 Ultimate Revenge GPLogitech World Racer
Complete Angel Valley Challenge SheetLow Rider
Complete Eastren Bay Challenge SheetNixon Special
Get 100% Game CompleteRevenge Racer

Contributed By: JakeXsoftware.


Unlock Burnout 3 Car

Have Burnout 3 saved game on X-Box.

Contributed By: fierykoala.

Unlock Madden Van

To unlock the Madden Van simply have a game save on your hard drive for Madden 2006.

Contributed By: locdog517.