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Ninja Gaiden Black


Difficulty Levels

By completeing these tasks, you can then unlock a different difficulty level for Ninja Gaiden Black.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game on Ninja Dog or Normal difficulty, or have a save file on your hard drive where you completed the original Ninja Gaiden on Xbox.Hard
Complete the game on Very Hard.Master Ninja
Die three times consecutively in Chapter 1., then accept the choices given to you.Ninja Dog
Complete the game on Hard difficulty, or have a save file with the clear data of the Hurricane Pack 1Very Hard

Contributed By: Shadow_Knows.

Golden Scarab Rewards In Very Hard Mode

Select the "TALK" option at Muramasa's shop to give him Golden Scarabs. He will keep track of how many you have turned in so far and reward you with items based upon your cumulative total.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
30 ScarabsArmlet of Fortune
50 ScarabsDark Dragon Blade
15 ScarabsJewel of the Demon Seal
25 ScarabsJewel of the Demon Seal
35 ScarabsJewel of the Demon Seal
49 ScarabsPlasma Saber Mk.II
5 ScarabsSpirit of the Devils
20 ScarabsSpirit of the Devils
45 ScarabsSpirit of the Devils
10 ScarabsThe Art of the Ice Storm
40 ScarabsThe Art of the Inazuma
1 ScarabThe Art of the Inferno

Contributed By: Thundercleese.

Golden Scarab Rewards on Master Ninja Mode

Golden Scarabs can be traded into Muramasa for these items.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
40 scarabsAyane's Ration Bundle
30 scarabsAyane's Rations
50 scarabsDark Dragon Blade
5 scarabsElixer of Spiritual Life
15 scarabsElixer of the Devil Way
35 scarabsFragrance of Dayflower
45 scarabsFragrance of Hydrangea
20 scarabsGreat Devil Elixer
10 scarabsGreat Spirit Elixer
49 scarabsPlasma Saber Mk. II
1 scarab, 25 scarabsSmoke Bomb

Contributed By: programx99.

Mission Mode Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game on any difficultyMission Mode
Beat five missions to unlock five moreMore Missions in Mission Mode
Beat a mission, and you unlock Hard for that mission. Beat Hard to unlock Very Hard, and Very Hard to unlock Master Ninja. Ninja Dog is not available.Play Missions on Multiple Difficulties

Contributed By: WayJalker.

Scarab Rewards In Hard Mode

Trade in Golden Scarabs for these items.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
40 ScarabsArmlet of Benediction
30 ScarabsArmlet of Celerity
45 ScarabsArmlet of Fortune
25 ScarabsDabilahro
50 ScarabsDark Dragon Blade
49 ScarabsPlasma Saber Mk. II
35 ScarabsSpear Gun
1 ScarabTechnique Scroll - Counter Attacks
10 ScarabsTechnique Scroll - Guillotine Throw
5 ScarabsTechnique Scroll - Izuna Drop
15 ScarabsWindmill Shuriken
20 ScarabsWooden Sword

Contributed By: Slayer0 and Renamon.

Scarab Rewards In Ninja Dog (Easy) and Normal Mode

Scarabs are traded to muramasa. NOTE: As you can see, when you get 50 golden scarabs for the first time in the game, you will get the Arcade Ninja Gaiden. Also notice that 50 scarabs in Hard Mode will get you the Dark Dragon Blade. However, if you have already gotten the Arcade Ninja Gaiden, you do not need to go through Hard Mode or higher to get the Dark Dragon Blade. It can be obtained through a replay of Normal or lower.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
50 ScarabsArcade Ninja Gaiden
30 ScarabsArmlet Of Benediction
25 ScarabsArmlet Of Celerity
40 ScarabsArmlet Of Fortune
5 ScarabsArmlet Of Potency
20 ScarabsDabilahro
35 ScarabsGreat Sprit Elixer
45 ScarabsJewel of The Demon Seal
10 ScarabsLife Of A Thousand Gods
1 ScarabLife Of The Gods
15 ScarabsSpirit Of The Devils

Contributed By: DoomtrainM and Arnox.

Unlockable Armlets on Hard mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Give Muramasa 30 scarabsArmlet of Benediction
Give Muramasa 25 scarabsArmlet of Celerity
Give Muramasa 40 scarabsArmlet of Fortune
Beat clone Ryu in the archives roomArmlet of Potency
Buy it for 5,000 essenceArmlet of the Moon
Buy it for 5,000 essenceArmlet of the Sun

Contributed By: Xx_SoulEdge_xX.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game on Ninja Dog or Normal difficulty with the "Ninja Gaiden Arcade" item, or complete the game on Hard.Arcade Ninja Gaiden
Load a Ninja Dog save file, and reset the game(start+back)Ayane-themed Start Screen
Play the game for over 1 hour.Coming Attractions
Complete the game with any difficulty level.Movie Theater
Complete the game on any difficulty, and you will be able to listen to the game's music from the options menu.Unlock all music in "Sound Test"

Contributed By: Shadow_Knows, WayJalker, and Renamon.

Unlockables - Costumes

Defeat the game in the following difficulties to unlock costumes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat Eternal Legends MissionDOA Throwback costume
Defeat Ninja dog/ NormalThe Ashtar Ryu outfit (from the hurricane pack)
Defeat HardThe Hotsuma Costume
Defeat Very HardThe Ryuken (classic) Costume

Contributed By: archwarrior.


Hidden Windmill Shuriken

This secret can be found just outside of Han's bar. If you are lucky enough, a hint in the form of a pink Kunai scroll will tell you to look for a special weapon left behind in an alley that "only a Ninja can get to". You can find this "alley" right outside of Han's bar to the left. After defeating the ninjas outside, turn to the alleyway and look up. You will see a series of blue strips throughout the alleyway in which you can use to run back and forth about the alley. Do this, starting with the first strip just outside of the alley, and then jump to the second and finally the third strip, all the while running along the wall. Once you hit the last strip, jump to the ledge right across from it. Here you will find the Windmill Shuriken embedded in the wall, and an "X-box" symbol that revives your KI energy and your life. Once you've taken the shuriken you can continue on with the mission with a new deadly weapon at your side. Good luck. Doesn't work in hard mode.

Contributed By: Shadow_KillerM.

Play Japanese version of Arcade Ninja Gaiden

After unlocking the arcade Ninja Gaiden at the main menu, change both text and speech to Japanese, and you will be able to play the arcade Ninja Gaiden in Japanese.

Contributed By: Renamon.