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Sonic Heroes and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe


2 in 1 Combo Pack SONIC HEROES JOIN THE TEAM - Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose or Team Chaotix - Choose one of 4 teams - Effortlessly switch between allies to fight evil, solve puzzles, and explore huge environments - Astonishing variety - 14 stages with unique paths and adventures for each team - Multiplayer battles let you compete in an assortment of mini-games SUPER MONKEY BALL DELUXE THE ULTIMATE PARTY GAME KEEPS ON ROLLING! - 300 stages of Monkey Ball rolling, banana-collecting madness. - 12 over-the-top mini-games including Monkey Bowling, Monkey Golf, Monkey Billiards and Monkey Target! - Multi-player madness with up to 4 friends! - Challenge Mode... Go ahead, dare your friend to beat your best time! - An epic story mode (well, as epic as a story about monkeys can be).
Release Date: 2005