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Infinite Money

First of all, you need to raise the Barter skill to level 10. Once this has been achieved, the following items can be sold for more money than it costs to buy them: Health Potion, Mana Potion, Town Portal Scroll & Identify Scroll. Simply purchase as many of these as possible (holding down the 'X' button helps on the X360 version) and sell them back to the shop for a ~20% profit. This can be repeated as many times as necessary. Important note: This trick does not work for the larger Health and Mana Potions, only the regular ones.

Contributed By: S_Jake.

Infinite Potions

Create a new character. Once you're in town, place all your character's potions (including your Respec Potion if you have one) into the shared stash chest on the north side of Torchlight. You can now delete this character. Load another character, and you can pick up the potions your deleted character left in the chest. You can do this as many times as desired.

Contributed By: rusty5150.

Item Cloning Trick (Pre-Patch)

When in the town of Torchlight, open the pause menu and return to the title screen to save the game. Reload the same file and then place any items you wish to clone in the shared stash. Now sign out of Xbox Live: This will return you to the title screen (the same effect will be achieved if you return to the Xbox dashboard or turn off your console). Sign in again and reload your file and any items you stashed will also exist in your inventory!

Contributed By: S_Jake.


Avatar Awards

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat the game.Robot Knit Cap
Defeat the Overseer.Torchlight Logo Tee

Contributed By: Guard Master.

Shadow Vault

Once you have beaten the game for the first time the crypt in the Torchlight graveyard will open, it will then be open for all new characters as well and features new quests.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the main storyline.Shadow Vault

Contributed By: Algolagnia.

Unlockable Gamerpic

Gained through normal play of the game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Earn the Tree Hugger Achievement to unlock this Gamerpic.Destroyer Gamerpic
Earn the Big and Green and Dead all Over Achievement.Vanquisher Gamer Picture

Contributed By: Optimus Magnus and OgesMC.



Defeat the OverseerA Lich to Scratch
Defeat KragBig and Green and Dead All Over
Successfully enchant one item 5 timesEnchanted
Successfully enchant one item 10 timesEnchantment Overload
Send your pet to townFetch a Fair Price
Defeat AlricOnly a Master of Evil
Defeat BrinkOver the Brink
Defeat MedeaPurple People Defeater
Change your pet by feeding it fishShape-Shifter
Achieve maximum fameSuperstar
Defeat the Root GolemTree Hugger
Defeat the Ember ColossusWhen this Town's a Rockin'

Contributed By: Morph TK.