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Zone of the Enders HD Collection



Beat the game with a ranking of AAce of Frames
Got ADA back online using the VaccineAnti-Virus
Defeated ArdjetBeginner's Luck
Defeated 10 enemies while controlling the RaptorBenedict Arnold
Disarmed all the bombs in HUB 1 correctlyBomb Squad
Defeated an enemy by using the shafts at Fort CityCrushing Victory
Earned an A Rank in all 5 rescue missionsDamage Control
Defeated the train in less than 5 minutesDerailed
Collected all ZoE 2 achievementsDesperately Seeking Dingo
Completed all of the in-game tutorialsDigital Dojo
Collected all ZoE achievementsElite Frame Runner
Defeated the Viola AI for the final timeFarewell
After the initial Vic Viper battle, defeated all of the Naritas in under 90 secondsFlash Knock Out
Unlocked all the framesFrame Collector
Unlocked Zombie Neith by unlocking all of the Orbital Frames in Versus ModeFramed
Achieved an A Rank in a Rescue MissionGood Samaritan
Found all 10 sub-weapon driversGun Runner
Found all 14 passcodesHacker
Defeated Vic Viper (Leo)Hello Old Friend
Defeated TempestHomecoming King
Acquired JehutyHop In
Defeated InhertInHurt
Revealed Ken's alternate outfitIs It Hot In Here?
Defeated AnubisIt's Over
Defeated Aumaan AnubisIt's Over... For Real!
Won your first encounter against NeithKO Neith
Completed all of the in-game tutorialsLearn Gooder
Defeated NebulaNebulous
Found all 20 Ex-MissionsnEXt Mission
Destroyed 40 PortersPorter Pounder
Destroyed the Power Facilites in EPS1 & EPS2Power Down
Acquired Jehuty Ver. 2Put Her Makeup On
Defeated the 5 BAHRAM Battleships in less than 6 minutesQuick Draw
Cleared ZoradiusRetro Runner
Achieved an Overall Evaluation grade of BSalutatorian
Took out the EPS relay block before eliminating any enemiesSilent Assassin
Won your first encounter against the Viola AIStick Around
Found Taper in less than 4 guessesSure Lock
Defeated ZakatTaking You Down
Defeated TyrantThe Bigger They Are
Beat the game with a ranking of SThe Egret Has Landed
Earned a Ranking of SS at Vascilia BattleThe Good Rescuer
Earned a Ranking of SS at Aumaan CrevasseThe Great Rescuer
Found 7 passcodesThe Seeker
Defeat Zombie NeithThird Time's the Charm
Defeated 10 enemies when under the influence of the VirusUnhealthy Behavior
Achieved an Overall Evaluation grade of AValedictorian
Found 5 sub-weapon driversWeapon Finder
Survived the battle with AnubisWinning
Won your second encounter against NeithYou Again?!

Contributed By: Guard Master.

Zone of the Enders Cheats


Full Health & Sub-Weapon Ammo (Warning: Reduces Experience Level)

Pause the game and press L1, L1, L2, L2, L1, R1, L1, R1, R2, R1 to replenish your health and max out the ammunition of all sub-weapons you have currently obtained.

Note however that each time this code is entered, your experience will drop by one full level.

Contributed By: delta7890.


Two secret characters in Versus mode.

To get the two hidden characters in versus mode, simply beat the game again on any difficulty level. Once you do it, go to versus mode and you will find the two new characters playable.

Contributed By: Infested Taco.

Unlock 2 secret levels in Versus Mode

To open up two hidden levels in versus mode, simply beat the game again on any difficulty level. Once you beat the game again, go into versus mode and you will have the two new levels.

Contributed By: Infested Taco.

Unlock Versus Mode the Normal Way

Beat the game under any difficulty. After you do this, Versus Mode will be in the Main Menu.

Contributed By: SpiralSage.


Different Ending Music

Play the game on any difficulty setting and get an A rank in all 5 rescue missions. During the credits, you'll hear other music than you normally would.

Contributed By: Anonymous.

Final Comment

Depending on your final rank, you will get comment from one of the main character. Get the B rank to hear Leo. Get the A rank to hear ADA and get the S rank to hear Celvice.

Contributed By: Anonymous.

How To Get the Second "True" Ending

Destroy ALL buildings and survivors during missions and SOS missions. Also, you must destroy the colony shaft completely during the fifth and final SOS mission in the game. Afterwards continue onward as normal. Tyrant will be your final boss. After defeating Tyrant, go to the MOUNTAIN.1 stage and you'll recieve the bad ending.

Note: This can be done on any difficulty level.

Contributed By: CyberLord X.

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Cheats


Unlock all Ex-Missions and VS mech

Provided that if you have Visual Works of Anubis, Pop the special demo disc into your PS2. In the main title, there is an option of 3 : New Game, Save, and Options.
Play through the demo, and after you clear the demo, you'll be brought back to the title screen. SAVE it.
Once saved, pop in your Original ZOE2 game again, and all Ex-missions and VS mech will be unlocked.
(NOTE: This only applies to the Japanese version of the game Anubis : Zone Of The Enders only. It will not work on Zone Of The Enders : The 2nd Runner)

Contributed By: Iluna.

Unlock Aumaan Anubis on VS mode

To unlock Aumaan Anubis, clear the game once, and start the new game with all sub-weapons equipped, and try to get into Margrifier, the place where you have to unlock the gate....On the left route (always go left), there is a dead end along the way to the generator. Use Vector Cannon to blast the blocking stones to clear a secret path.
You'll be brought into the Wind Tunnel, fighting tons of enemies. destroy them, and you'll be brought into an unfamiliar location, where you'll have to fight Aumaan Anubis. Destory it and you will find the small icon of Aumaan Anubis, grab it and it'll be unlocked.

Contributed By: Iluna.

Unlock extra missions

Complete the game on any difficulty.

Contributed By: xerc.

Unlock Inhert on VS mode

To Unlock Inhert, clear the game once, use any version of Jehuty, try to fight storyline mode for the second time, fight your way through Lloyd's city Underground Base.
The location is at the second level of the Underground base, before you reach Lloyd, wait for the pillar to retract (the 2nd level of the moving pillars), and you will see a small Inhert at the left side corner. Grab it, and he'll be unlocked!

Contributed By: Iluna.

Unlock Naked Jehuty in VS Mode

To unlock Naked Jehuty, you have to find the decending way to Aumaan (the last stage). At the end of the way, there are two paths with lasers blocking the inside route, shoot them, and you'll found Naked Jehuty inside, fight and win him, and you'll unlock him!

Contributed By: Iluna.

Unlock Yoji Shinkawa's Illustration in the Background of Extra Mission Mode

Once you completed all the missions with a highest record, the black background will be replaced with Yoji Shinkawa's illustration which resembles his sketch of Jehuty.

Contributed By: Asch The Hated.

Unlockable Versus Mode Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game onceAnubis
Beat the game onceArdjet
Beat the game onceDamaged Jehuty
Beat the game onceJehuty
Beat the game onceJehuty Version 2
Beat the game onceNephtis
Beat the game onceVic Viper

Contributed By: SpiralSage.

Using different versions of Jehuty

To use 4 different versions of Jehuty, simply clear the game.
You can use 4 versions of Jehuty in either on story mode, extra missions, and versus mode (note that you have to unlock Naked Jehuty by finding and fighting it at the last stage (the Aumaan Base) in order to use it on versus mode.)

Contributed By: Iluna.

Easter Eggs

Alternate costume for Ken

After you get the WISP subweapon, grab Ardjet and take it down to the lava until Ken says something. Do this several times. Once you beat the current mission, Ken will have a new costume in the next anime cutscene.

Contributed By: dkedar77u.

Move camera in smaller cutscenes

Whenever you see two people (EX: Ken and Dingo) during a cutscene (not the anime ones) you can move the camera with the right control stick. To move the other camera, hit R2. The left control stick moves the camera.

Contributed By: Codemaster.

Use Vic Viper As A Melee Weapon

During the Battle at Aumaan Crevasse, try tracking down Vic Viper. It's represented by a big blue dot on the map, and it's constantly moving around at high speeds. If you manage get close enough and use WISP, you'll be able to grab Vic Viper and smash or throw it into enemies. Leo will have a few lines of unique dialogue as well.

Contributed By: discoinferno84.


Alternate way to get the Zoradius mini game unlocked.

Go to extra missions, go to boss battle mode, fight Vic Viper. Pause the game then press Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, L1, R1. When pressed correctly, you will hear a chime. Go back to extra missions, now Vic Viper should be a option

Contributed By: ness2007.

View different types of picture after Credits.

Clear the game with a Rank A to view a special picture which includes Dingo and his friends on the Result screen after the credits.

Contributed By: Iluna.

View special CG picture at the end of the Credits

To view a special CG picture. Clear the game with the rank of S or SS, you will see a picture of Dingo and Ken at the overall ranking results after the credits.

Contributed By: Iluna.

View Special Picture after clearing Zoradius

To view a special picture after clearing Zoradius mini-game on the Ex-Missions option. Clear the mini-game with the score higher than 570000 marks.

Contributed By: Iluna.

Zoradius Gradius Code

When playing Zoradius, entering the classic ''get all powerups'' code still works at the pause screen.

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right L1 R1.

For those unfamiliar with Gradius and this code, if you enter this while paused at any time while playing Zoradius, you'll get every powerup immediatly (Except for speedups).

Contributed By: PeckingBird.