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The King of Fighters XIII


Unlocking Billy and Sailki

In order to use two of the console exclusive characters Billy Kane and Saiki, you must meet a certain number of TAs (Target Combos) before reaching Stage 4 in Arcade mode. Take note earning TAs only count if you defeated your opponent so fallen team members' TAs won't carry over.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
You must do 2+ TAs during each match (At average 6 TAs per stage.) before Stage 4. Defeat him when he challenges you.Billy Kane
You must do 5+ TAs during each match (At average 15 TAs per stage.) before Stage 4. Defeat him when he challenges you.Human Saiki

Contributed By: EffYeahLyra.

Easter Eggs

Secondary Costumes/ Palettes for Select characters.

The following characters have a 2nd scheme when you hit the "Back" button as you select them: 1. Kyo Kusanagi (Original School Uniform) 2. Yuri Sakazaki (Original Long Braids) 3. Elizabeth Blanctorche (KOFXI Outfit) 4. Joe Higashi (Tiger stripes Outfit) 5. Andy Bogard (KOF2001 Outfit/ Eiji Kisaragi alternate.) 6. Takuma Sakazaki (Mr. Karate outfit) 7. Raiden (Big Bear outfit) 8. K' (More colors, including his arcade famous "UNO" colors.) 9. Ralf Jones (Camouflage outfit) What's more for the characters with literal alternate outfits, you can actually edit said alternates in Customize mode as well.

Contributed By: EffYeahLyra.



Get an SS at the victory screenAfter all, you're just trash.
Get 50 NEO MAX Super Special Moves Finishes (Arcade, Versus)And the final blow...!
Perform 50 Drive Cancels (Arcade, Versus)Come back later!
Complete STORY.Do you understand now?
Win 25 [ranked matches / player matches]Doesn't it feel good?
Win 100 [ranked matches / player matches]Excellent!
Play your first [ranked match / player match]Go easy on me!
Play 50 [ranked matches / player matches]Good!
Be challenged by "Saiki" and win in ARCADEGreat
Play 100 [ranked matches / player matches]Hehe... hot, wasn't it?
Perform 50 MAX Cancels (Arcade, Versus)Heheh. Not bad.
Create 10 characters in CustomizeHere I come, buddy!
Be challenged by "Billy" and win in ARCADEHey, hey, hey!
Hit 100 times using NEO MAX Super Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)Hey!
Get 10 straight wins (Arcade, Versus)Hmph... this is only natural.
Clear ARCADE MODE without continuingHow was it?
Play 300 [ranked matches / player matches]I shall not waver!
Defeat 3 characters in Survival modeI will execute my mission!
Defeat 35 characters in Survival modeI'm enough for this job!
Win 50 [ranked matches / player matches]Isn't this fun, eh?
Register an icon, team and message in CustomizeIt's about time to start!
Create 10 roomsLet's play warrior!
Clear STORY.Let's see what you've got...
Clear Time Attack mode for the first timeLooks like I was just on time.
Perform 50 Super Cancels (Arcade, Versus)Mission Complete!
Get 5 consecutive wins in a ranked matchNumber 1!
Get 2 consecutive wins in a ranked matchOkay!
Perform 50 HD Cancels (Arcade, Versus)Piece of cake!
Perform 50 Super Special Moves Finishes (Arcade, Versus)Play time is over!
Perform 10 Target Actions (Arcade)Show me what humans are made of
Hit 100 times using EX Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)Spinning!
Hit 100 times using Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)Strength!
Complete all trials for 1 character in Trial modeThat should do it!
Clear ARCADE MODE on VERY HARDThis is... my victory!
Win 5 [ranked matches / player matches]This was just a greeting!
Get an S at the victory screenTime will soon turn to ashes...
Perform 300 Target Actions (Arcade)What's wrong?
Hit 100 times using Super Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)Yahoooo!
Perform 10 Perfect Victories (Arcade, Versus)Yay! Perfect!
Win your first [ranked match / player match]Yeah!
Get 10 consecutive wins in a ranked matchYeah! I did it!
Hit 100 times using EX Super Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)Yeeeeaaah!
Clear 200 trials in Trial modeYes! I'm the best!
Clear Time Attack mode with 30 charactersYou can't compare to me.
Be challenged by "Ash" and win in ARCADEYou can't win against me!
Complete the tutorialYou're not so bad!

Contributed By: Guard Master.