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Realms of Ancient War



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

You have played with a friendA Team of Heroes
You have completed the game a first timeBattle for a New Alliance
You have struck an enemy for 2500+ HP damageCritical Hit
You have killed 1000 mobs in the main campaignDead species
You have completed the game with all heroesEternal Hero
You've completed a level without once dyingFearless Hero
You have completed 50 questsThe Adventurer Spirit
You have equipped a full set of epic or legendary armorThe Full Set Collector
You have found 5 statues of KilthiThe Great Explorer
You have 50,000 gold coinsThe Path of Fortune
You have raised all of your skills to level 1The Skill Master
You have possessed 15 mobsThe Spirit Master

Contributed By: Similac.