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Saints Row IV

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Xbox Game Pass For PC Adds The Outer Worlds & More - GS News Update 10/10/19
Xbox Game Pass For PC Adds More Games For October, Including A Big Brand-New Release 10/10/19
THQ Nordic: A New Saints Row Is Being Worked On, Plus Updates On Dead Island 2 And TimeSplitters 08/13/19
A Saints Row Movie Is Happening With Fate Of The Furious Director 04/30/19
Saints Row, Metro, Dead Island Publisher Koch Media Acquired By THQ Nordic 02/16/18
Grab Saints Row 2 For Free As The Series' Latest Games Go DRM-Free 04/20/17
It Took 3 Years, But Saints Row 4 Finally Has Mod Support 11/23/16
Call of Duty, Destiny, and More Discounted in PS4/PS3/Vita Flash Sale 07/15/16
This Week's PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Deals Revealed 06/28/16
Saints Row Dev's Next Game May Be Agents of Mayhem 05/05/16
Last Chance to Get These Free Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games 04/30/16
Next Xbox One Backwards-Compatible Game Arrives 03/31/16
"Major Announcement" From Saints Row, Dead Island Publisher Teased for E3 03/17/16
PlayStation Now's Most-Played 2015 Games Revealed as New Titles Arrive 02/02/16
You Can Play Saints Row's Cancelled PSP Game Right Now 01/28/16
Play XCOM, Saints Row Games for Free on Steam This Weekend 09/10/15
Watch 14 Minutes of Axed Saints Row Game 01/20/15
Quick Look: Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell 01/19/15
AU New Releases: Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Released for Multiple Platforms 01/18/15
Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell - Launch Trailer 01/16/15
Play Saints Row IV Free On Steam 01/16/15
Watch Saints Row: Gat out of Hell's Funny Infomercial-Style Launch Trailer 01/16/15
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell - Now Playing 01/12/15
Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell - Behind the Scenes 12/11/14
Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Musical Trailer 12/04/14
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Musical Trailer Is a Sight to Behold 12/04/14
This Week's Xbox One/360 Deals for Gold Members 12/02/14
Play Arma 3 for Free, Get Saints Row 4 for $7, and More Weekend Deals 10/25/14
Saints Row's Xbox One/PS4 Debut Moved Up a Week 10/16/14
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell - Seven Deadly Weapons Trailer 10/15/14
Watch New Saints Row 4: Gat Out of Hell Video Showcasing a Gun That Shoots Locusts 09/24/14
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell - Developer Walkthrough 1 09/24/14
Saints Row Creative Director Joins Valve 09/14/14
Saints Row Dev Responds to Feminist Frequency Critique 08/30/14
PAX Prime 2014 - Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Trailer 08/29/14
Saints Row Expansion Gat Out of Hell Confirmed at PAX [UPDATE] 08/29/14
Saints Row Dev Will Reveal New Game On Friday -- Is It Saints Row 5? 08/27/14
Saints Row, Dead Island Parent Company: "We Are Not for Sale" 07/07/14
New Releases: Saints Row IV: National Treasure Edition and One Piece: Unlimited World RED 07/06/14
Redbox: Publishers Now Understand Importance of Rentals 07/01/14
Saints Row IV: National Treasure Edition Does Not Include Nicolas Cage 06/25/14
OnLive and Wikipad Team Up For AAA Game Streaming 06/17/14
OnLive not threatened by PlayStation Now, Steam Machines 03/05/14
Cloud-gaming company OnLive returns in a big way 03/05/14
Saints Row IV - Bling Bling Pack 02/05/14
Saints Row 5 in the works? 12/19/13
Saints Row IV - How the Saints Save Christmas 12/11/13
Saints Row IV - Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? Pack Trailer 12/04/13
Saints Row IV - Element of Destruction DLC Trailer 11/27/13
Saints Row IV - Super Saints and Pirate Booty Pack Official Trailer 11/06/13
Deep Silver to PC gamers -- "We got your back" 10/25/13
Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix - Official Trailer 10/23/13
GS News - GTA V is out, Gabe likes Linux and Battlefield 4 news 09/17/13
Saints Row IV - GAT V DLC Trailer 09/17/13
Saints Row IV - Wild West DLC Trailer 09/17/13
Saints Row IV GAT V DLC released for free on PC today 09/17/13
AU Shippin’ Out September 16-20: Grand Theft Auto V 09/15/13
NPD: 3DS outsells Xbox 360, PS3 in August 09/12/13
AU Shippin' Out September 9-13: Arma III 09/08/13
Saints Row IV - Dubstep Gun Remix Pack 09/04/13
UK Chart: Rayman debuts sixth while Lost Planet 3 and Killer is Dead miss top 20 09/02/13
Saints Row IV passes 1 million sales 08/28/13
Saints Row IV to be released in Australia September 12 08/21/13
Saints Row IV - Launch Trailer 08/20/13
Preorder Saints Row IV to play as Bush, Obama 08/16/13
The Gun Show - Tentacle Bat from Saints Row IV 08/15/13
Saints Row IV Review: 7.5 / 10 08/14/13
Saints Row IV Review: 7.5 / 10 08/14/13
Video Review - Saints Row IV 08/14/13
Saints Row IV Review: 7.5 / 10 08/14/13
Unboxing Combat Gameplay Video - Saints Row IV 08/14/13
Killing the Warden Gameplay Video - Saints Row IV 08/14/13
Chase Tanya Gameplay Video - Saints Row IV 08/14/13
Neked Defense Gameplay Video - Saints Row IV 08/14/13
Jump Chain Gameplay Video - Saints Row IV 08/14/13
Comm Room Gameplay Video - Saints Row IV 08/14/13
Disable the Generators Gameplay Video - Saints Row IV 08/14/13
Saints Row IV - Developer Diary: The Wheels of the Spaceship 08/13/13
Saints Row IV - Developer Diary #2: What Happens in Space 08/09/13
$1 million Saints Row IV edition revealed 08/09/13
Saints Row IV: Shaun Creates an Abomination of Nature 08/08/13
Saints Row IV - Inauguration Station 08/06/13
Saints Row IV track list and radio stations revealed 08/06/13
Saints Row IV developer "didn't appreciate" THQ's porn star marketing 08/06/13
Saints Row IV - Ask GameSpot 08/05/13
Saints Row IV - Developer Diary #1: A Love Song 08/02/13
Modified Saints Row IV classified MA15+ in Australia 08/01/13
Now Playing - Saints Row IV 08/01/13
Saints Row IV developers respond to dildo weapon criticisms 08/01/13
Grand Theft Auto V rated R18+ for Australia 07/31/13
Saints Row IV ban upheld in Australia 07/29/13
Saints Row IV - Hail to the Chief #3: Weapon of Mass Abduction 07/24/13
Saints Row IV anal probe weapon exclusive to season pass 07/24/13
Saints Row IV - Hail to the Chief #2: Animal Protection Act 07/22/13
Enter The Dominatrix will be first DLC for Saints Row IV 07/22/13
Australian government will consider reclassifying Saints Row IV 07/22/13
Saints Row IV - Gat Is Back Trailer 07/17/13
Next Saints Row could "continue in a different direction" 07/08/13
Saints Row IV - Independence Day Trailer 07/03/13
GS News - Xbox QR Codes, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Final Fantasy! 07/02/13
Saints Row IV "low violence version" on Australian Steam store 07/02/13
Saints Row IV - In-Game Walkthrough 06/28/13
Feedbackula - Saints Row Ban Bother 06/28/13
Anal probe weapons responsible for Australian Saints Row IV banning 06/25/13
Saints Row IV banned in Australia 06/25/13
Saints Row IV - E3 2013 The Zin Empire 06/13/13
Saints Row IV - E3 2013 Alien Shooting 06/13/13
Saints Row IV - E3 2013 Abilities and Weapons Gameplay 06/13/13
Saints Row IV - E3 2013 Stage Demo 06/13/13
Saints Row IV - War on Humanity Trailer 06/06/13
Saints Row IV 'Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition' revealed 06/05/13
Saints Row IV - Hail to the Chief: Airplane 05/23/13
Saints Row IV - PAX Walkthrough 05/09/13
Saints Row IV - Meet the President 05/07/13
Saints Row IV preorders get Commander in Chief Edition 04/23/13
Volition: Saints Row's 'juvenile' tone doesn't hurt sales 04/18/13
Saints Row, Metro films possible 04/12/13
The Wild World of Saints Row IV 03/23/13
Saints Row devs reflect on THQ collapse 03/22/13
Deep Silver seeking Saints Row IV feedback for collector's edition 03/19/13
No Saints Row IV on Wii U 03/15/13
Saints Row IV - Announcement Trailer 03/15/13
Saints Row IV launching August 20 03/15/13
Saints Row publisher teases 'huge' news for PAX East 03/03/13
Volition had six interested buyers - Report 01/30/13
Court approves THQ sale 01/24/13
'Bright future' promised for Saints Row, Metro by new owner 01/24/13
THQ dissolved 01/23/13
Double Fine interested in THQ assets? 01/11/13
EA interested in THQ assets - Report 01/07/13
Ubisoft to buy THQ assets? 12/21/12
Unannounced THQ games emerge in bankruptcy filing 12/20/12
GS News - THQ files for bankruptcy 12/19/12
THQ CFO resigns 11/21/12
Saints Row: The Third expansion cancelled 06/20/12
Used games 'probably' good for consumers - former THQ boss 05/31/12
Is THQ on the verge of collapse? 02/06/12
Start/Select - A Link to the Past Remade? Saints Row 4 confirmed! 11/10/11