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Brave: The Video Game


Unlock a Bow

This code only works for the Xbox 360 version and will unlock a bow. The code comes from the website for the game. How to use the code: In the main menu go to EXTRAS Next go to INPUT CODE Now hit the following: A, A, X, A

Contributed By: littlenekochan.



Accumulate a total of 5000 currency.Affluent
As Merida, defeat 5 enemies with a single charged shot.All bunched up
Purchase an upgrade.Ante up
Collect all bows.Bowlicious
Collect a bow.Bowsome
Defeat 100 enemies using the wind charm.Breezy
Solve all triplet puzzles.Brilliant
Collect a tapestry piece.Carpet runner
Defeat 100 enemies using charged shot.Charge it up
Collect all outfits.Clothes horse
Defeat 100 enemies using the ice charm.Cooling off
Find the earth charm.Digging in the dirt
Cleanse the ring of stones.Dirty work
Defeat 250 enemies using power attack.Domination
Defeat 250 enemies using the earth charm.Earthquake
Find the wind charm.Everyone knows it's windy
Purchase 15 upgrades.Full of power
Defeat the game on Brave difficulty, without changing it.Gaelic hero
As Elinor, charge 5 enemies with a single charge attack.Get out of my way
Purchase all upgrades.Gotta snag 'em all
Defeat Mor'du.Great scot
Defeat 100 enemies using the fire charm.Heating up
Defeat 250 enemies using the wind charm.Hurricane
Defeat 250 enemies using the ice charm.Ice cold
Find the ice charm.Ice to see you
As Merida, defeat 15 enemies in a row without taking damage.Impressive
Accumulate a total of 1000 currency.Minimum wage
Defeat the harpy guardian.Mopping up
Defeat 100 enemies as Queen Elinor.Mum's the word
Collect an outfit.My fair lassie
Defeat 250 enemies using the fire charm.On Fire
Defeat 100 enemies using power attack.Power hungry
Complete a level without using your sword.Ranged only
Defeat 250 enemies using charged shot.Super bow
Collect a sword.Swordful
Collect all swords.Swordtacular
Defeat the rock golem guardian.Taking out the trash
Complete a tapestry.Throw rug
Find the fire charm.Toasty
Defeat 100 enemies using the earth charm.Tremble
Solve a triplet puzzle.Triple H's
As Merida, defeat 30 enemies in a row without taking damage.Untouchable
Complete all tapestries.Wall to wall carpeting
Accumulate a total of 15000 currency.Wealthy

Contributed By: Guard Master.