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Call of Duty 2


Unlock all Levels!

On the mission select screen in the game enter the following code to unlock all the levels. Make sure you hold both the bumpers while entering this code from the d-pad.

Hold Bumpers, Left, Left, Right, Right, Y, YUnlock all the Levels

Contributed By: Vader1990.

Easter Eggs

Make the Commisar kill you.

On the first stage ''red army training'' after you get the weapons from the table, and the comissar will tell you to shoot the teddy bears. Instead, shoot the bottles and plates, if you shoot four of them, the commisar will get angry and kill you.

Contributed By: spriter92.



Play a Single-Player campaign mode and accomplish a certain task to unlock these achievements for Gamerscore points.

Complete the Basic Training LevelCompleted Training - 50 points
Complete Crossing the Rhine levels on VeteranVeteran of Crossing the Rhine - 60 points
Complete D-Day levels on VeteranVeteran of D-Day - 60 points
Complete El Alamein levels on VeteranVeteran of El Alamein - 60 points
Complete Fortress Stalingrad levels on VeteranVeteran of Fortress Stalingrad - 60 points
Complete Hill 400 levels on VeteranVeteran of Hill 400 - 60 points
Complete Rommel's Last Stand levels on VeteranVeteran of Rommel's Last Stand - 60 points
Complete Stalingrad '42 levels on VeteranVeteran of Stalingrad '42 - 60 points
Complete The Battle for Caen levels on VeteranVeteran of The Battle for Caen - 60 points
Complete The Tank Squadrons levels on VeteranVeteran of The Tank Squadrons - 60 points
Complete Winter War levels on VeteranVeteran of the Winter War - 60 points
Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran with all levels completeWar Hardened - 200 points
Complete the game on any difficulty with all levels completeWon the War - 150 points

Contributed By: Brokaliv.