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Final Fantasy XI

News Articles from GameSpot

Final Fantasy XI Shuts Down for Good on Xbox 360, PS2 03/31/16
Another Final Fantasy Game Getting Smartphone Treatment 03/19/15
Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin - Launch Trailer 03/27/13
Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin - Official Trailer 03/19/13
Sound Byte: Meet the Performer - Malaysian guest artist for Distant Worlds 02/01/13
The Evolutions & Constants of Final Fantasy 09/12/12
GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 9: Active Time Babbling 09/06/12
Celebrating the Final Fantasy Hero Archetypes 09/03/12
Final Fantasy 25th anniversary Ultimate Box collection announced 08/31/12
Final Fantasy XI producer leaves Square Enix 06/25/12
A Game of You and Me: Reflections on Love and Friendship in Game Design 03/09/12
Escape From Mount Stupid: Final Fantasy - Part 2 02/22/12
Final Fantasy getting a rhythm game 07/05/11
Square Enix developing another MMOG - Report 05/25/11
Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition - Launch Trailer 05/17/11
Shippin' Out May 15-21: L.A. Noire, Fable III PC, New Vegas DLC 05/16/11
Japan online games halted to conserve power 03/13/11
We Just Played Final Fantasy XI: Vision of Abyssea 07/21/10
Shippin' Out Nov. 8-14: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 11/07/09
ChartSpot: August 2009 09/14/09
$5 million Square Enix class action suit detailed 08/04/09
Behind the Games: Meet the Composers - Nobuo Uematsu 07/31/09
Final Fantasy XI A Moogle Kupo d'Etat 07/14/09
Online Games Happenings, 29 June 2009 06/29/09
Final Fantasy XIV confirmed for PS3, PC 06/02/09
Study: MMOG revs top $1.4 billion in 2008 03/24/09
Final Fantasy XIII exclusive to Japan in 2009 01/16/09
E3 2008: Final Fantasy XIII 360-bound, Last Remnant dated 07/14/08
UK Shippin' Out May 23: Rock Band 05/23/08
Shippin' Out April 14-18: GT5 Prologue, Wii Okami 04/14/08
AU Shippin' Out December 3-December 7: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 12/02/07
Shippin' Out November 19-23: Rock Band, Mass Effect, Uncharted 11/19/07
Report: Square Enix seeking US publishing partner 09/24/07
TGS '07: Cosplayers come out and play 09/22/07
Square Enix: Nintendo saying no to cross-platform MMOs 09/06/07
BizSpots: SOE, GDC Austin, Iron Lore 07/20/07
E3 '07: Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess Impressions 07/12/07
Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess Official Trailer 1 07/11/07
E3 '07: Square Enix lines up for E3 07/09/07
On the scene at Square Enix Party 2007 05/12/07
Final Fantasy XI goes multi-lingual 01/23/07
Square Enix wants a three-way race 09/26/06
TGS 06: Final fantasies in Tokyo 09/24/06
Square Enix bans more FFXI accounts 07/24/06
Japanese gov't looks into gold farming 07/18/06
Square Enix shoots down Final Fantasy XI II reports 07/17/06
Gil-farming crackdown in Final Fantasy XI 06/13/06
Final Fantasy concert DVD coming to Japan 06/06/06
New FFXI update to introduce Chocobo-raising 06/01/06
US PC Game Charts: April 23-29 05/09/06
US PC Game Charts: April 16-22 05/02/06
Japan game charts: April 17-23 04/28/06
Final Fantasy XI Online Review: 6 / 10 04/28/06
Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan Official Trailer 1 04/24/06
Final Fantasy XI Online now online 04/19/06
Shippin' Out 4/17-4/21: Final Fantasy XI Online, Brain Age 04/17/06
Korean MMOs big in Japan 04/10/06
Ubisoft to distribute PAL Final Fantasy XI 04/06/06
360 FFXI beta ending April-ish 02/02/06
360 Resident Evil 5 far off, Chromehounds coming along 01/30/06
360 FFXI, Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion dated 01/26/06
Final Fantasy XI Beta Impressions - Returning to Vana'diel Again for the First Time 01/19/06
Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XI begins beta 01/05/06
Sid Meier, John Carmack walk the Walk 11/16/05
Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest coming to PS3 and 360? 11/15/05
Rumor Control: World of Warcraft 360 and Vice City Stories 10/14/05
Xbox 360 FFXI's beta detailed 10/12/05
Final Fantasy XI Gameplay Movie 4 10/05/05
Final Fantasy XI Gameplay Movie 3 10/05/05
X05: Final Fantasy XI Updated Hands-On 10/04/05
Bach: Half of 360 users will use Xbox Live 09/29/05
Square Enix to diversify business model 09/28/05
TGS 2005: Final Fantasy XI expands again 09/16/05
TGS 2005: Final Fantasy XI Impressions 09/16/05
Xbox 360 TGS 2005 Press Conference Montage 09/15/05
Japanese developers weigh in on Xbox 360 08/30/05
Final Fantasy XI Q&A: Square Enix Party 2005 07/31/05
Xbox 360 FFXI invades Germany 07/29/05
Final Fantasy XI PC pack coming August 16 07/26/05
Final Fantasy XI team working on new next-gen MMORPG 06/08/05
Square Enix to showcase FFXII this summer 06/01/05
Square Enix adds to strategy in postconference Q&A 05/20/05
E3 Rumor Control: Killzone 2 real-time renders and 360 retro-compatibility 05/20/05
Spot On: Pressed for conferences at E3 05/19/05
Final Fantasy XI E3 2005 Preshow Report 05/17/05
Final Fantasy XI Gameplay Movie 1 05/17/05
Xbox 360 picks up Final Fantasy XI, will be backwards compatible 05/16/05
Final Fantasy XI under attack 04/18/05
Rumor Control: The April Fools' Day Edition 04/01/05
Square Enix welcoming back retired FFXI players 03/25/05
Square Enix president looks toward opportunities online 02/28/05
Square Enix predicts two years of gains 02/22/05
Final Fantasy XI players banned 02/15/05
More classic games revived in Japan 01/24/05
Square Enix unveils new map for FFXI 01/19/05
Final Fantasy music tour will touch down in San Francisco 01/18/05
Square Enix hints at mobile plans for Final Fantasy 10/28/04
Square Enix hosts Final Fantasy party 10/22/04
Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia: 6.8 / 10 10/18/04
Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia Review: 6.8 / 10 10/18/04
Final Fantasy XI expands as Chains of Promathia ships to retail 09/21/04
Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia Impressions 09/03/04
Release set for PC Final Fantasy XI in Europe 08/06/04
Chains of Promathia ship date set 07/06/04
Ubisoft to distribute FFXI in Europe 07/06/04
Square Enix announces earnings, talks FFXII 05/21/04
Square Enix E3 2004 Press Conference 05/18/04
Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia Update 05/12/04
Square Enix unveils E3 lineup 05/03/04
Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia announced 04/28/04
Final Fantasy XI Video Review 03/31/04
Sony ships PS2 hard drive, Final Fantasy XI 03/23/04
Final Fantasy XI Review: 8 / 10 03/23/04
FFXI ad push backed by big $$$ 03/18/04
Square OKs data recovery for FF XI gamers 01/27/04
500,000 milestone for PlayOnline 01/07/04
Final Fantasy XI Review: 8.2 / 10 11/14/03
Final Fantasy XI Gameplay Movie: Characters 10/30/03
Final Fantasy XI Gameplay Movie 2 10/30/03
Final Fantasy XI Gameplay Movie 1 10/30/03
Final Fantasy XI Retail Impressions 10/29/03
Final Fantasy XI ships for PC 10/28/03
Final Fantasy XI beta coming to a close 10/13/03
Final Fantasy XI Updated Impressions 10/13/03
Final Fantasy XI price point picked 10/09/03
Final Fantasy XI TGS Update 09/24/03
Final Fantasy XI Updated Impressions 09/16/03
SCEA Gamers' Day report 09/16/03
Square Enix tempts gamers with mystery game 09/08/03
Final Fantasy XI 08/29/03
Final Fantasy XI Preview 08/12/03
Final Fantasy XI PC shipping date announced 08/11/03
Final Fantasy XI beta winners announced 07/07/03
GameSpot Final Fantasy XI beta contest opens 06/23/03
Final Fantasy XI site open 06/12/03
Final Fantasy XI Updated Impressions 05/15/03
Final Fantasy XI Online Impressions 05/15/03
Sony to Publish Final Fantasy XI Next Year 05/13/03
PS2 Hard Drive and FFXI Arriving Q1 2004 05/13/03
Square Enix reveals E3 lineup 04/30/03
Final Fantasy XI beta testers wanted 04/14/03
Final Fantasy XI for PC coming in 2003 03/07/03
Square to begin closed beta for FFXI 02/14/03
Square breaks even on FFXI 12/11/02
Final Fantasy XI PC soon for Japan 09/19/02
Final Fantasy XI Chronicles, Part 2 07/18/02
Final Fantasy XI Chronicles: Part 2 07/16/02
Final Fantasy XI beta for PC begins 06/17/02
Final Fantasy XI Video Preview 06/11/02
Final Fantasy XI Chronicles, Part 1 06/11/02
Final Fantasy XI Chronicles: Part 1 06/11/02
Final Fantasy XI free of charge until July 05/28/02
FFXII slated for next year in Japan 05/28/02
E3 2002: FFXI confirmed for US release 05/21/02
Final Fantasy XI update 04/08/02
More Final Fantasy XI details 03/20/02
Final Fantasy XI update 03/19/02
Final Fantasy XI beta to end in April in Japan 03/15/02
More details on Final Fantasy XI monthly fees 03/12/02
Final Fantasy XI Updated Preview 03/08/02
Final Fantasy XI Japanese release date set 02/28/02
Final Fantasy XI PC update 02/25/02
Final Fantasy XI Updated Preview 02/01/02
Final Fantasy XI Preview 01/16/02
Square revises PlayOnline monthly fee plans 01/03/02
Details on FFXI battle system 01/02/02
SquareSoft makes PlayOnline projections 12/03/01
Final Fantasy XI update 11/27/01
SquareSoft president steps down 11/26/01
Square opens Final Fantasy XI Web site 11/20/01
More Final Fantasy XI details revealed 10/24/01
New Final Fantasy XI details revealed 10/19/01
TGS 2001 Fall: New Final Fantasy XI media 10/12/01
First look: Final Fantasy XI 07/19/01
Square comments on Nintendo 07/13/01
Final Fantasy XI to go multiplatform 06/29/01
Square reveals FFXI and PlayOnline plans 05/23/01
Sakaguchi Speaks About FF XI and FF: The Movie 10/27/00
Final Fantasy XI for Xbox? 10/18/00
Final Fantasy XI Online Plans 07/18/00
Square Discusses Final Fantasy XI 06/23/00
Final Fantasy XI Preview 02/10/00