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Superman Returns


Cheat Codes

Anytime during gameplay after the Gladiator Battle first set, pause the game. Enter the following buttons to unlock the cheats. A Chime will confirm the code has been entered correctly.

Y, Right, Y, Right, Up, Left, Right, YInfinite Health (Metropolis)
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Y, XInfinite Stamina
Left, Up, Right, Down, Y, X, Y, Up, Right, XUnlock All Costumes, Trophies, and Theater Items
Left, Y, Right, X, Down, Y, Up, Down, X, Y, XUnlock All Moves

Contributed By: GameMasterZer0.

Fast Traffic and Model Change codes

Enter the codes at the in-game pause menu using the D-Pad for directionals. Deactivate model-change codes by reentering the same code as the one that was most recently entered.

For the Fast Traffic code, if you hear a kitten meow, you entered the code correctly. For the Model Change codes, if you hear glass breaking, you entered the code correctly. If you enter the code and do not hear the appropriate activation sound effect, press Start and then press Start again to exit and reenter the Pause menu.

Right Up Y Y Up Right Down Up XFast Traffic
X Y X Y Left Up Right DownModel Change: Ice Machine
X Y X Y Up Right Down LeftModel Change: Modern Phone Booth
X Y X Y Up Down Right LeftModel Change: Potted Plant
X Y X Y Up Down Left RightModel Change: Vending Machine 1
X Y X Y Up Left Down RightModel Change: Vending Machine 2

Contributed By: JeanneSGI.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Level 01: Meteor StormArmageddon Averted (30)
Travel For 10,000 MilesFrequent Flyer (30)
Lift 10,000 Tons Throughout The GameHeavy Lifting (30)
Complete All Metro Events And Mini-GamesHero of Metropolis (200)
By you is Bizarro not undefeated!Me aM savE yOU (100)
Stopped Metallo in the name of justiceMetallo Mastered (100)
Complete All Mini-GamesMr. What's-his-name (50)
Find All KittensMr. Whiskers (50)
Enter any cheat code in a desperate plea for help.Not That Super (0)
Pick Up 100 Cars Throughout The GameRoadside Assistance (30)
Obtain All 15 Power-UpsSouped-Up Superman (30)
Finished All Fast Flyer Mini-GamesSuper Sonic (20)
Play A Total Of 12 HoursThe Greatest Day (30)
Vanquished Mongul once againThe Mongul Hordes (100)
Saved Metropolis from the rampaging tornadoTwisted (100)
Perform 99 fighting combosVersatile Fighter (30)
Visited and dominated WarworldWarworld (50)
Complete The Bizarro Mini-GameYou Am Bizarro! (20)

Contributed By: I_Can_Explode, Zweihanderhero, and DracoYeager.

Unlock Bizarro

You enter it when you load your game, at the menu that lets you choose Metropolis or Fortress of Solitude before you start the game you loaded.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Up Right Down Right Up Left Down Right UpBizarro

Contributed By: bharkless.

Unlockable costumes

These costumes become unlocked after certain tasks in the game have been completed

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Save Metropolis from the tornadoesGolden Age Superman Suit
Beat BizarroPod Suit

Contributed By: Zweihanderhero.

Easter Eggs

In Memory of....

In Research Park, by the Superman statue, there is a memorial to Derek Allman, one of the developers who worked for EA. The game is dedicated to the memory of him as said in the credits.

Contributed By: Hyuuga_Gaara.