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Vampire Rain



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Earned by scoring 20 kills without dying as a Nightwalker in Xbox Live competition. Despicable One (50)
Earned by achieving a Clear Percentage of 100%.All Clear (50)
Score 10 kills in Xbox Live competition without dying once.Berserker (50)
Take out a Nightwalker with a UV mine in Xbox Live competition.Bomber (50)
Watched the ending sequence in single-player mode.Captain (50)
Earned by collecting all medals.Collector (50)
Destroy an objective.Destroyer (50)
Earned by scoring 90 seconds of destruction time.Dominator (50)
Steal the opposition's Flame and bringing it back to score.Flame Hero (50)
Take down a Flame carrier.Flame Killer (50)
Rated "A" or above after clearing all stages in single-player mode.Heavy Gamer (50)
Score 3 kills within the 1st minute as a Nightwalker in Xbox Live competition.Kill Frenzy (50)
Finish off an enemy with a kick in Xbox Live competition.Martial Arts Master (50)
Scored 500 or more Nightwalker kills in single-player mode.Nightwalker Killer (50)
Score 20 kills in Xbox Live competition without dying once.Rampage (50)
Cleared all stages in single-player mode at Rank "S".Real John Lloyd (50)
Score 5 kills in Xbox Live competition without dying once.Savage (50)
Score a headshot in Xbox Live competition.Sniper (50)
Complete a match without dying once in Xbox Live competition.Stronger (50)
Bit 200 times by Nightwalkers.Walking Dead (50)

Contributed By: Llamaman2, bobby190, and Guard Master.