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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3



Enter the following codes at the VS Screen.

Player 1: LPx9, BLx8, LKx7 - Player 2: LPx6, BLx6, LKx6"Hold Flippers During Casino Run" message appears
Player 1: LPx7, BLx1, LKx1 - Player 2: LPx3, BLx1, LKx3"Rain Can Be Found in the Graveyard" Message
Player 1: LPx1, BLx2, LKx3 - Player 2: LPx9, BLx2, LKx6"There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power" Message
Player 1: LKx4 - Player 2: LPx4"Whatcha Gun Do?" Message
Player 1: BLx2 - Player 2: BLx2Blocking Disabled
Player 1: LPx6, BLx8, LKx8 - Player 2: LPx6, BLx8, LKx8Dark Kombat
Player 1: LPx1, BLx2, LKx2 - Player 2: LPx2, BLx2, LKx1Display "Skunky !!" Message
Player 1: LPx4, BLx4, LKx8 - Player 2: LPx8, BLx4, LKx4Don't Jump at Me
Player 1: LPx2, BLx2, LKx7 - Player 2: LPx2, BLx2, LKx7Explosive Combat (2 on 2 only)
Player 1: LPx6, BLx8, LKx8 - Player 2: LPx4, BLx2, LKx2Fast Uppercut Recovery Enabled
Player 1: BLx9, BLx1 - Player 2: LPx1, BLx9Kombat Zone: Bell Tower
Player 1: LPx3, BLx3 - Player 2: BLx3, LKx3Kombat Zone: Jade's Desert
Player 1: LKx4 - Player 2: BLx7Kombat Zone: Kahn's Kave
Player 1: LPx8, BLx8 - Player 2: LPx2, BLx2Kombat Zone: Kahn's Tower
Player 1: LPx6, Player 2: BLx4Kombat Zone: Kombat Temple
Player 1: BLx5 - Player 2: BLx5Kombat Zone: Noob Saibot Dorfen
Player 1: LKx2 - Player 2: LKx3Kombat Zone: River Kombat
Player 1: LPx3, BLx4, LKx3 - Player 2: LPx3, BLx4, LKx3Kombat Zone: Rooftop
Player 1: LPx9, BLx3, LKx3Kombat Zone: Scislac Busorez
Player 1: LPx6, BLx6, LKx6 - Player 2: LPx4, BLx4, LKx4Kombat Zone: Scorpion's Lair
Player 1: LPx1, BLx2, LKx3 - Player 2: LPx9, LKx1Kombat Zone: Soul Chamber
Player 1: BLx7, LKx9 - Player 2: BLx3, LKx5Kombat Zone: Street
Player 1: LPx8, BLx8 - Player 2: BLx8, LKx8Kombat Zone: Subway
Player 1: BLx7, LKx7 - Player 2: BLx2, LKx2Kombat Zone: The Bridge
Player 1: LPx6, BLx6, LKx6 - Player 2: LPx3, BLx3, LKx3Kombat Zone: The Graveyard
Player 1: LPx8, BLx2 - Player 2: BLx2, LKx8Kombat Zone: The Pit 3
Player 1: LPx2, BLx8, LKx2 - Player 2: LPx2, BLx8, LKx2No Fear = EB Button, Skydive, Max Countdown
Player 1: LPx9, BLx8, LKx7 - Player 2: LPx1, BLx2, LKx3No Powerbars
Player 1: BLx3, LKx3Player 1 Half Power
Player 1: LPx7, LKx7Player 1 Quarter Power
Player 2: BLx3, LKx3Player 2 Half Power
Player 2: LPx7, LKx7Player 2 Quarter Power
Player 1: LPx4, BLx4, LKx4 - Player 2: LPx4, BLx4, LKx4RandPer Kombat (Method 1)
Player 1: LPx4, BLx6 - Player 2: LPx4, BLx6RandPer Kombat (Method 2)
Player 1: LPx9, BLx9, LKx9 - Player 2: LPx9, BLx9, LKx9Revision
Player 1: LPx5, BLx5 - Player 2: LPx5, BLx5See the Mortal Kombat Live Tour !!
Player 1: LPx3 - Player 2: LPx3Silent Kombat
Player 1: LPx1 - Player 2: LPx1Throwing Disabled
Player 1: LPx6, BLx4, LKx2 - Player 2: LPx4, BLx6, LKx8Two-Player Mini-Game of Galaga
Player 1: BLx4, LKx4 - Player 2: LPx4, BLx4Unikoriv Referri: Sans Power
Player 1: LPx4, BLx6, LKx6 - Player 2: LPx4, BLx6, LKx6Unlimited Run
Player 1: LPx9, BLx6, LKx9 - Player 2: LPx1, BLx4, LKx1Winner of This Round Battles Motaro
Player 1: BLx3, LKx3 - Player 2: LPx5, BLx6, LKx4Winner of This Round Battles Shao Kahn
Player 1: LPx2, LKx5 - Player 2: LPx2, LKx5Winner of this Round Battles Smoke
Player 1: LPx7, BLx6, LKx9 - Player 2: LPx3, BLx4, LKx2Winnoer of This Round Battles Noob Saibot

Contributed By: jh51681.

Play as Human Smoke

Player One-At the Select you fighter screen, pick Smoke and press High Punch, High Kick, Block, Run, and hold away (left) with the joystick simultaneously until the match begins. Smoke will explode into the Human Smoke.

Player Two-Do the exact same thing as Player One, except press Toward (right) with the joystick.

High Punch, High Kick, Block, Run, and hold away (left)Player One, play as Human Smoke.
High Punch, High Kick, Block, Run, and hold away (right)Player Two, play as Human Smoke.

Contributed By: Shadow..

Unlocking Hidden Characters and Saving them

Choose arcade mode, lose a match. Then let the timer run out. You'll have 10 seconds to enter the ultimate kombat code for the character. Only 1 at a time.

After unlocking them in arcade mode, get to the character select screen. Pause, then exit the game. you'll have them for the rest of the time your playing that time.

NOW, very important, when you start the game up the next time around, you need to FIRST go to the arcade mode. This will load the characters you unlocked. Just wait and get to the character select screen, then exit. Now you can play with the characters online.

IMPORTANT- If you do not go to the arcade mode first, you will erase the characters. Just load and exit, then play online.

Player 1: HP-5, LP-1, BL-8, LK-3, HK-8 Player 2: same buttonsUnlock Classic Sub-zero
Player 1: HP-4, LP-2, BL-3, LK-4, HK-1 Player 2: HP-1, LP-4, BL-3, LK-2, HK-4Unlock Ermac
Player 1: HP-4, LP-2, BL-2, LK-6, HK-2 Player 2: same buttons.Unlock Mileena

Contributed By: bullsfan1512.


Secret Gamer Pic

Win 10 Xbox Live Ranked matches to unlock a secret gamer pic which contains the number 3 with the Mortal Kombat emblem in the middle.

Contributed By: nfuse.

Easter Eggs


After performing a Stage Fatality on 'Scorpion's Lair' you have two choices. You can press and hold both HP buttons to hear Dan Forden say 'Crispy!', or you can press and hold both Run buttons to hear Shao Kahn say 'Crispy!'.

Contributed By: GeminiEntity.


When playing as either Sub-Zero (Classic or Unmasked), freeze your opponent while their health is in Danger and Dan Forden will pop out to say 'Frosty!'.

Contributed By: GeminiEntity.



Complete each of the following achievements below to get the allotted gamerscore. There are 12 achievements worth a total of 200 points.

Beat the hidden character, Noob Saibot while playing the CPU.Beat the Noob! (25)
Win a total of 100 Xbox Live Ranked Versus matchesCentury (30)
Complete a 5 hit combo against the CPU.Combo Number 5 (15)
Win a total of 10 Xbox Live Ranked Versus matches.Competitor (12)
Complete a 2 hit combo against the CPU.Double Time (8)
Complete a Fatality during an Xbox Live Versus game.Fatality (15)
Complete a Flawless victory against the CPU (1 round).Flawless (11)
Reach the fifth MATCH in any single player tournament.Match Five (12)
Reach the third MATCH in any single player tournament.Match Three (10)
Complete a Friendship during an Xbox Live Versus game.My Friend (20)
Complete a Babality against the CPU.Soother (20)
Become the champion in any single player tournament.Ultimate (22)

Contributed By: Bako_Ikporamee.