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Skipping the First Troll

On Legendary, the first troll is very hard and consumes alot of minions. There's an easy way to completely skip him (Make sure you have 10 minions):

Head straight to the troll, and you'll get the cutscene of him getting ready to face you. After that, send all of your minions to open the gate where the crane is, and rush there (the troll will probably kill a few of your minions as they open the gate, but that's better than wasting 20 - 40 minions trying to kill him and also, if the troll is blocking the path, simple lead him away and head through the gate).

Once done, go to the crane and an autosave will occur. This is where the trick comes in: That autosave assumes you defeated the troll as you went further than you were suppose to, therefore, simply leave the area and come back, you'll find the troll has vanished as the game thinks he has been defeated.

Contributed By: michaelP4o.


DLC Achievements

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Conquer the Heavens Peak AbyssDemon Master (20)
Defeat all the Expansion Dungeon CreaturesDungeon Legend (30)
Win 25 ranked Expansion Pillage MapsExtended Pillager (20)
Win 25 ranked Expansion Slaughter matchesExtended Slayer (20)
Last for 45 mins in a Expansion Survival MapExtended Survivor (20)
Conquer the Mellow Hills AbyssHell Raider (20)
Conquer the Golden Halls AbyssInfernal Lord (20)
Defeat the 7th Hero in Legendary ModeLegendary Overlord (50)
Conquer the Ruborian Desert AbyssLord of the Abyss (30)
Conquer the Evernight Forest AbyssSoulblighter (20)

Contributed By: D3ath_Hunt3r.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Win 10 ranked Pillage matches10 Wins in Pillage (30)
Win 10 ranked Slaughter matches10 Wins in Slaughter (30)
Win 50 ranked Pillage matches50 Wins in Pillage (40)
Win 50 ranked Slaughter matches50 Wins in Slaughter (40)
Harvest lots of LifeforceAmass Minions (10)
Retrieve the most Powerful SmelterArcanium Smelter (20)
Retrieve the Blue HiveBlue Minions (10)
Complete a ranked Pillage matchCompete in Pillage (10)
Complete a ranked Slaughter matchCompete in Slaughter (10)
End a Hero's obsessionDefeat Goldo (20)
Steal a HeroDefeat Jewel (20)
Get angry with a HeroDefeat Kahn (20)
Puncture a HeroDefeat Melvin (20)
Put a Hero to sleep. Permanently.Defeat Oberon (20)
Cure a Hero of lifeDefeat Sir William (20)
Defeat the 7th HeroDefeat the Wizard (50)
Defeat half the Dungeon CreaturesDungeon Dabbler (20)
Defeat all the Dungeon CreaturesDungeon Overlord (30)
Retrieve a powerful SmelterDurium Smelter (15)
Forge a full Arcanium setFull Arcanium (20)
Win with the blackest heartFull Corruption (50)
Forge a full Durium setFull Durium (10)
Retrieve the Green HiveGreen Minions (10)
Harvest LifeforceMinion Harvester (10)
Harvest a huge amount of LifeforceMinion Hoarder (15)
Harvest a massive amount of LifeforceMinion Multitude (40)
Fulfill your Mistress's wishesMistress Master (40)
Get yourself a little company and some help spending your moneyObtain a Mistress (20)
Retrieve the Tower Heart to power up the TowerPower up the Tower (10)
Retrieve a Crane to start rebuilding the TowerRebuild the Tower (10)
Retrieve the Red HiveRed Minions (10)
Retrieve the Food, but will you keep or return it?Retrieve the Food (10)
Retrieve a SmelterSteel Smelter (10)
Last for 15 minutes in SurvivalSuperior Survivor (20)
Last for 5 minutes in SurvivalSurvivor (10)
Collect all the Tower ObjectsTower Master (40)
Forge an Ultimately Imbued Arcanium SetUltimate Arcanium (40)
Forge an Ultimately Imbued Durium SetUltimate Durium (20)
Get a full Horde, fully equippedUltimate Horde (40)
Forge an Ultimately Imbued Steel SetUltimate Steel (10)
Last for 30 minutes in SurvivalUltimate Survivor (30)
Win a ranked Pillage matchWin in Pillage (20)
Win a ranked Slaughter matchWin in Slaughter (20)
Win with the clearest conscienceZero Corruption (50)

Contributed By: Guard Master.