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Major League Baseball 2K7


Boost Home Run Ability

Enter "m4murder" in the cheats section and you'll be able to boost your ability to hit home runs during the game just like "the Mick".

m4murderIncreased HR ability for game

Contributed By: rhutnak.


Go to main menu. Click on My 2k7 and scroll down to Enter Cheat Code

Game OnUnlock All Extras
Derek JeterUnlock Everything

Contributed By: jmw.

Pinch Hit Mickey Mantle

In the cheat codes section, enter "phmantle" and you will be able to unlock Mickey Mantle as a pinch hitter. With this cheat, you will be able to actually pull Mickey off the bench for one pinch hit appearance.

phmantleHave Mantle pinch hit

Contributed By: rhutnak.


Mickey Mantle codes

At the enter cheats screen enter the following:

mightymickboosts a team's power rating 25% for 1 inning.
triplecrownboosts the hitting of the 3,4,5 hitters in the lineup 50% for 1 game.

Contributed By: FM1028.

Unlock Mickey Mantle

Enter "themick" with no spaces or caps at the "Enter Cheat" screen

themickUnlocks Mickey Mantle in free agency

Contributed By: pjmarino777.



Complete the following tasks to unlock achievements and their alloted gamerscore.

Go on a 3-game winning streak online.3-Game Streak (20)
Have a player get 5 base hits in one game.5 Hit Game (50)
Go on a 5-game winning streak online.5-Game Streak (30)
Steal home plate.Burglar (30)
Have a pitcher record a "save" by coming into a close ballgame to finish off a win.Closing Time (10)
During a season, franchise, or GM Career, have a player win the Cy Young award.Cy Young Winner (30)
Make a successful double steal (2 players steal a base on the same play)Double Steal (20)
Ejected from a ballgame? Double Check!Ejected! (10)
Play a full 9 inning game versus an online opponentGet Connected (20)
During a season, franchise, or GM Career, have a player lead the league in HRs.Home Run Leader (30)
Join an online league or tournament.Join Up (10)
Play at least one game in an online league or tournament.League Participation (20)
Hit a mammoth 450+ foot home run.Moonshot! (20)
Won the league MVP award.MVP Winner (30)
Pitched a complete game no-hitter.No-Hitter (100)
Score 20 runs in one game on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.Offensive Explosion (40)
Win an online tournament or league.Online Champion (50)
Have your team successfully steal 6 bases in one game.Organized Crime (40)
Make 10 successful "Payoff Pitches" in one game.Payoff (30)
Make an acrobatic catch leaning over the foul territory railing.Rail Lean Catch (10)
Make a wall climb catch (rob a home run.)Robbery! (20)
During a season, franchise, or GM Career, have a pitcher lead his league in strikeouts.Strikeout Leader (30)
Strike out all 3 batters you face in an inning.Strikeout the Side (20)
Hit 3 home runs in one game with the same player on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.Super Slugger (30)
Hit a single, double, triple, and home run in one game with the same player.The Cycle (50)
Successfully steal 2 bases in a game with one player.Thief (10)
Turned 3 double plays in one game. "Triple Double" done baseball style.Triple Double (30)
Successfully answer a trivia question between innings of a ball game.Trivia Time (5)
Strikeout 15 batters with one pitcher on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.Unhittable (50)
Win ten 9 inning games online.Win 10 Online (10)
Win twenty 9 inning games online.Win 20 Online (20)
Win fifty 9 inning games online.Win 50 Online (50)
Play through a season (offline) and win the World Series.World Series Winner (75)

Contributed By: Risen_From_Dark, Nixedantur, and bobby190.