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Iron Man


Unlockable Armors for use in One Man Army Mode, and Mission Archive

Armors can always be used in One Man Army Mode, but you have to beat the game first to use other Armors (besides the Mark III) in Mission Archive.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the "One Man Army vs. Mercs" ChallengeClassic
Beat the "One Man Army vs. AIM" ChallengeClassic Mark I
Beat the "One Man Army vs. Maggia" ChallengeExtremis
Beat the "One Man Army vs. AIM-X" ChallengeHulkbuster
Have a "The Incredible Hulk" savegame on the HDD.Hulkbuster
Beat the "One Man Army vs. Ten Rings" ChallengeMark II
Unlocked by DefaultMark III
Beat the Mission "Showdown" (or beat the game, since "Showdown" is the last mission)Silver Centurion (Xbox 360 Exclusive)

Contributed By: KiNGxDrAGoN and sherban1988.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Complete the One Man Army vs. AIM challenge without an armor breachAIM Obsoleted (25)
Complete the One Man Army vs. AIM-X challenge without an armor breachAIM-X Obsoleted (25)
Destroy all dropships before the Stark Gunship is stolen in the First Flight missionAir Superiority (15)
Destroy any target using a ramming attackAn Object in Motion (15)
Destroy drones without civilian damage in the First Flight missionCity Protector (25)
Defeat Titanium Man using the Classic armorClassic Confrontation (15)
Destroy a Prometheus missile by destroying a fuel truck in the Maggia Compound missionCollateral Damage (15)
Destroy all Prometheus missiles in the Maggia Compound missionDecommissioner (25)
Destroy stockpiled Stark weapons in the Escape missionDisarmed (25)
Spare the US fighter pilots in the Stark Weapons missionEject! (25)
Sever the tether before the satellite overloads in the Space Tether missionEscape Velocity (25)
Complete Hero Objectives for all missionsExcelsior! (70)
Defeat an opponent using the ground pound in the Extremis armorGround Pound (15)
Successfully grapple and throw a planeGrounded (15)
Protect warehouse workers in the Maggia Factories missionGuardian (25)
Complete all missions on Normal difficulty (or harder)Hero (75)
Successfully grapple an opponent in the Hulkbuster armorHulk Smash! (15)
Complete a mission (other than Escape or First Flight) without an armor breachImpenetrable (15)
Avoid civilian casualties in the Flying Fortress missionIn the Drink (25)
Destroy all Prometheus missiles within 10 minutes in the Maggia Compound missionLaunch Aborted (15)
Damage or destroy another enemy while grappling a howitzer.Long Shot (15)
Complete the One Man Army vs. Maggia challenge without an armor breachMaggia Obsoleted (25)
Complete the One Man Army vs. Mercs challenge without an armor breachMercs Obsoleted (25)
Avoid harming the destroyer and its crew in the Lost Destroyer missionNot a Scratch (25)
Defeat Iron Monger using the Silver Centurion armorOld School (15)
Defeat a soldier using the UnibeamOverkill (15)
Defeat 20 soldiers in the Arctic Battle missionPersonnel Vendetta (15)
Avoid disrupting the city's power supply in the On Defense missionPower Saver (25)
Prevent cannon attacks on civilian targets in the Island Meltdown missionProton Shut Out (25)
Complete any mission (other than Escape) without using weapons systemsPugilist (15)
Destroy all convoy vehicles in less than 2 minutes in the Stark Weapons missionRoad King (15)
Protect outlying occupied buildings in the Save Pepper missionShocking! (25)
Complete all missions on Easy difficulty (or harder)Sidekick (75)
Defeat Titanium Man before his second recharge in the On Defense missionSmack down (15)
Complete all missions on Formidable difficultySuper Hero (75)
Protect the nuclear facility in the Arctic Battle missionTatyana, Interrupted (25)
Complete the One Man Army vs. Ten Rings challenge without an armor breachTen Rings Obsoleted (25)
Destroy power regulators in the Iron Monger missionYou're Fired! (25)
Damage or destroy another enemy while grappling a SAM launcher.Your Own Medicine (15)

Contributed By: Guard Master.