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Cheat Modes

The following four cheat modes (ordinarily greyed out in the "cheats" menu) are accessible by completing the game on certain difficulty settings, as described below. Please note that you cannot play through the game on King Difficulty until you have beaten the game on Hard ...

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game on Hard DifficultyArmour Power
Complete the game on King DifficultyInvulnerability
Complete the game on Normal DifficultyMaster All Moves
Complete the game on Normal DifficultySong of Death

Contributed By: Mister Sinister.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore

Find All Song Of Death Meter PowerupsAdrenaline Rush - 20 Points
Find All Power Meter PowerupsArmored Up - 20 Points
Find All Health Meter PowerupsBill of Health - 20 Points
Kill At Least 25 Enemies During The Giant Squid Boss BattleBring out the Gimp - 15 Points
Combo Counter Reaches 325Chain of Fools - 20 Points
Combo Counter Reaches 100Chained Attacker - 10 Points
500 DismembermentsChop Shop - 20 Points
250 Grapple KllsDeath Grip - 20 Points
Kill 100 Enemies By Death FallDeath Rain - 30 Points
Defeat The Bone Cleaver And His Army In Barachan Isles And Obtain The Ward Of FireDefeat Cleaver's Army - 10 Points
Defeat the Elephant Demon in the Kush caves to obtain The Ward of the AbyssDemon Slayer - 20 Points
Defeat the Sand Dragon In The Lost City Of Shem And Obtain The Ward Of The EarthDragon Slayer - 10 Points
Impale 100 EnemiesEnemy Appetizers - 30 Points
500 Grapple KillsFatal Touch - 30 Points
Find All Treasure ChestsFilthy Rich - 30 Points
Kill An Enemy By Death FallFree Fall - 10 Points
5 Grapple KillsHands-On - 10 Points
Score 20000 Points In A LevelHigh and Mighty - 10 Points
Decapitate A Captain With A ShieldLosing His Mind - 20 Points
50 Grapple KillsMan Handle - 15 Points
Complete The Game On King ModeMaster Conan - 50 Points
All Dual Wield Attacks MasteredMaster Dual Wielder - 10 Points
Disarm 100 EnemiesMaster Looter - 30 Points
All One Handed Blade Attacks MasteredMaster Swordsman - 10 Points
All Two Handed Blade Attacks MasteredMaster Two Handed Swordsman - 10 Points
1000 DismembermentsMeat Market - 30 Points
Complete The Game On Hard ModeMighty Conan - 30 Points
Kill 5 Or More Enemies SimultaneouslyMob Massacre - 15 Points
Save All MaidensMy Hero - 20 Points
Save A MaidenNoble Conan - 10 Points
Disarm An EnemyNow You See It, Now You Don't - 10 Points
100 Parry KillsParry Assassin - 15 Points
Perform Every Parry Kill MoveParry Farm - 10 Points
200 Parry KillsParry King - 20 Points
Complete Game on NormalRest In Peace - 40 points
Kill 100 Enemies By Boulder ThrowRock of Ages - 30 Points
Impale An EnemyShish Kabob - 10 Points
Defend the ship and defeat the Giant SquidSink the Squid - 30 Points
100 DismembermentsSlice 'n Dice - 10 Points
Defeat the Sorceress Queen in Stygia and obtain The Ward of SoulsSnake Charmer - 20 Points
Score 100000 Total PointsThe Bloody Crown - 40 Points
Collect All Armor PiecesThe Legendary Set - 10 Points
Find 50 Treasure ChestsTreasure Hunter - 20 Points
Activate 5 Rune TriumviratesTriumvirate Seeker - 10 Points
Activate All Rune TriumviratesTriumvirates United - 20 Points
Complete A Mission Without Taking Any DamageUntouchable - 40 Points

Contributed By: Thug4L1f3, MysticFog, and ganglyone.